Give me strength

Meggie was a normal 15yr old girl until she found it strange that a bruise she had was taking too long to heal. When her mom took to the dr, they found out it was leukemia.


1. mystery bruise

I was walking down the road thinking about how much my life has changed in the past few months. Just one year ago, at this time, I would be thinking about stupidity; clothes, boys, school, nothing that really matters. Now, I'm wondering if I'll even live to next year. If I'll have a chance to grow up, get married, & have children. But on May 1 2012 I was diagnosed with leukemia.

It all started very innocently, with me walking to school with my best friend Kate. I got so caught up in our conversation that I wasn't watching where I was going & I tripped on a tree root protruding from the ground. I fell lightly on my knees.

" Are you ok?" Asked Kate.

" fine" I replied dusting myself off. I noticed my knees were bruised. Well, I must of fell harder then I thought.

It's 2 weeks later & I'm very annoyed that I still can't wear shorts. " didn't know bruises can take this long to heal. They usually fade within a day or two" I mused.

"Maggie you're coming? You're going to be late for school if you don't hurry up," Mom called.

"Coming,"I answered.

" Mom, is it normal that a bruise I got 2 weeks ago still looks the same as when I got it?" I asked coming down the stairs." If anything it looks worse & I barely fell on it."

" it's probably nothing but if it makes you feel better I'll take you to get it looked at," said Mom.

"Can you?"

"Fine. I'll make you an appointment for this afternoon."


" Maggie Stevens ?" A nurse asked me. I nodded. " the doctor is ready to see you in exam room 4. Please follow me."

I got up & followed her down the hall. When we got to the room, the doctor was waiting.

"So your bruise won't go away?" He asked a bit bemused.

I felt a bit foolish but I nodded my head.

" well let's take a look. ".

His expression changed when he saw my knee.

" and how long ago did you say you got this?"

"About two weeks ago," I answered starting to get a bit nervous.

" is your mom here?"

" yes," I replied now really about to freak out.

He called my mom in and started talking to her. I didn't understand most of what he was saying to her but the one word I caught that just keeps on replaying in my head was leukemia. Cancer. I have cancer.

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