The Wizard And I

I had no choice. Well, one choice. One torturous choice. One memory left, or he (Voldemort) would kill my family. Obviously I chose a fresh, yet repetitious new start over the guilt. But was that the right choice? I'm not so sure.


1. He Did Dare

"Comeing!" I shouted down staires. It was time for breckfast and my Mom was getting a little agrivated by my knack for being late.

I sied, pulling my chocolate brown hair back in a poney tail and throwing on a dark purple T-shirt. Walking down the staires, I never imagined what I would see.

My mom and dad were both slumped, uncontious on the table, and my little sisters and brother were being held down by three people with dark cloaks and masks on. Terror griped my heart as I saw their leader, who was looking straight at me. He had red eyes like a snakes and had two slits for a nose.

With a lot more confidence than I felt, I pulled out my wand, looked the leader, You-Know-Who, strait in the eye and said, "Let my family go."

You-Know-Who merely looked mildly amused, if even that.

"Marie, You're going to have to consider your words more carefully in the future. I am here to erase the chance of something, and I will go to any measures to ensure that it happens. I will offer you a choice. You will hand over the information I want, and I will allow you and your family to live. You will be allowed to keep one memory, but no more. They will not remember you. If you refuse to tell me what I want to know, then we will torture you and your family till I get the information I want and when we get it, I will personally kill your family, and let you live with the guilt. So, what will it be? The easy way, or the hard way?"

"What do you want?" I practically yelled. "What do you want? You can have it! Please, don't hurt them!" I was pointing in the geral direction of my captive family.

He leaned over and whispered something in my ear. I don't remember what he asked, or what the answer was, but I remember that his voice was almost torture. It was like dead leaves scrapping across a sidewalk. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. Like a snakes hiss, just before it strikes.

I don't really remember what happened next, except for the fact that I spoke for two hours strait, terrified out of my wits that I would forget something, or he wouldn't understand. I also remember choosing that I would like to keep the memory of me and my mom going to the muggle play, Wicked. You might be thinking, why did you choose a play, of all things? Well, that's because this play, Wicked, held the message of not judging people. Of second (and third and fourth) chances. You see, the play is about a girl named Elphaba who is really smart and kind and generally a nice person, but she was born with green skin, and because of that, no matter what she did, everyone treated her like a freak. And after a long time of trying to change people's minds, her friend got killed because of her, and she turned bad. She basically thought, oh, you want me to be the bad guy? So now I'm the bad guy. If you've seen The Wizard Of Oz,you probably know what happens next. She became the wicked witch of the west, and got defeated by Dorothy. I rememberYou-Know-Who pointing his wand at me, saying an incantation, a bright flash of light, and then I knew no more.




I woke up to the smell of medical supplies. Not wanting to get up quite yet, I stretched, straitening the kinks in my back, and snuggled back into my bed. The next time I woke up, the thought that was most pronounced in my mind was I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!!!! My eyes snapped open, only to find a pair of bright blue eyes staining strait back at me.

"Umm, excuse me, but can you move out of the way? My bladder feels like it's about to explode, and I would like to take care of this problem before that happens." I say before shoving him out of the way and making a mad dash for the door. Lucky for me, the bathroom was right outside, in the hall. Flinging the door open, I quickly find an empty stall and relieve myself. As soon as I step back into the hall, I suddenly feel very dizzy, and can hardly put one foot in front of the other. When I got back to my bed, I plopped back down and started pondering what in the world I did to give myself a headache like this. All that came to mind was a song. "Loathing, unadulterated  loathing" sang the voices. Letting out a sigh of exasperation, I plopped back down on the bed and starred at the ceiling. 

That's when I realized that the old man that I had pushed aside was still there. He had long, silvery white hair that matched his beard. 

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Like I'm about to throw up. Though I have to admit, that's strangely a lot better than wetting the bed, which I almost did, thank you very much." I replied truthfully.

"Well, that's good to hear. I think." He said, adding some sarcasm to the end. "My name is Albus Dumbledore. You've been here for 3 days. Care to tell me how you got here?"

"I don't know! All I remember is going to a play with my mom! That is seriously all that's in there!" After I made that dramatic announcement, Albus looked at me funny, and then left. Lying back down, I fell asleep almost instantaniously.

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