Kiss me and Awaken

A boy finds out he has an interesting power although he himself is powerless


1. Prologue

Why are you doing this? A woman in purple and black cried.
With your power I’ll be one step closer to being invincible. A man in black said laughing.
I’m sorry for causing you trouble my love but it looks like this is our ending I just pray that Yuji can forgive us some day, for leaving him alone she sobbed. Another man came into the dimly lit room. He wore a black and blue suit with white lining. Above the left coat pocket red Masato. Don't cry Amaya the man said.
I thought I sensed a weakling in the vicinity the man in black said glaring at him.
Amaya…. you know there’s still one way we can win Masato said.
You can’t mean.....
He looked down shamefully, I’m afraid so.
The man in black put a hand to his ear as if trying to listen to the conversation between the lovers.
What are you two talking about? Hugging each other the couple’s voices synced.
Your evil stops here. Master and Beholder secret move: BALLISTIC EXPLOSION!!!!

The building exploded, imploded then vanished.

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