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These will be just little things that I have written and think that at lest someone should read. There maybe some song lyrics...Maybe an interesting English paper or...Just something I felt like writing. I usually don't like to write so much as read but I just recently noticed the things I do write are really good, so if you like my style and maybe want me to write a short story about a topic you like I will try my best to write you that story.


1. Different? Why Not?

This was an assignment for speech class about something you value. My value was Individuality. ENJOY!!


Individuality. This is something I value highly. I believe with out individuality we would all look the same and act the same, though some people think that being individual or different is a bad thing. I, personally, believe that being my own individual person is very important to who I am. My individuality helps me to remember that I don’t have to be like everyone else I can be me and that’s not a terrible person to be, me. I am unique and different in my own way. This is what I think of when I thing of the word individuality.

When I look at the person I was when I didn’t like to be different I don’t like what I see. I see someone who is trying so hard to fit in that she doesn’t even remember whom the real her is. This is a sad thought to me, that trying to be someone your not can cause you to forget about the person you once where. Being different is the most amazing feeling in the world. You can express yourself with out feeling like you have done something wrong, like you are in the doghouse for your PERSONALITY.

            This amazing feeling can be all yours. All you have to do is believe in yourself; be confidant in who YOU are. Don’t let people make you think that you aren’t good enough because believe me, YOU are the most amazing person you can be and you don’t have to try hard to be YOU. Being you is as easy as breathing it’s just…simple.

            Have you ever thought about yourself…I don’t mean in a selfish manner…I mean have you ever thought about your personality? The one thing that truly makes you, YOU. Have you ever caught yourself trying to be like everyone else around you? I’ll admit I catch myself, even now, trying to act the same as the next guy, then I remember that I don’t need to be like anyone else I’m not them I don’t need to be like them. I know I have already said this and it may be annoying by now but its really important to keep this in mind, being different is the most AMAZING feeling in the world. I mean if you want orange hair go ahead. If you want to wear black on black go ahead. If you want to be the next president of the United States GO AHEAD! Because if someone around you doesn’t like that well that’s their problem, and in the end they’re probably just jealous that they don’t have the courage to be as unique and different as you.

I’m not saying that having some personal quality’s that are similar are bad. I’m just saying that if someone is wearing a red shirt with black pants don’t go and find that exact same shirt and pair of pants and try and pull it off, even if you think you “totally” wear it better. You can make up your own style, your personal flair if you will. You can have the same general style as someone believe me I need some inspiration form magazines from time to time.

For you guys out there I know or at least I think I know you may not really care to much about what you wear and if it matches or maybe if it’s even clean but personality or individuality doesn’t just show up in what we wear it comes out to play in the simple sentences or actions that we make or say or do or whatever. You all can tell I defiantly have my own little style or at least hints of it hear and there. My style, as put in my own words, would be obnoxious, loud and defiantly…how should I put this…out there. I don’t know if I sound confident to you but as I wrote this, the confidence seemed to flow right onto the paper. Normally I’m not a very good writer but I really got into this topic because this personally has a lot of emotions attached to it. It may seem like a simple word to you, but I really take it to heart. I am sure most of you saw me earlier in the year with my RED hair I loved that I could expresses myself like that. My hair color made me feel different like I said the old me that hated being different scares me. So I thought, “red hair wouldn’t that be something” I grew to love the idea.

So be different, personal, individual, distinctive, odd, weird, whatever the only thing that matters is that you…and only you feel and know that YOU are an amazing person!


I hope that maybe just maybe this would have inspired someone that was the point of this paper and I think it turned out really well.

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