50 Ways To Say Goodbye

As a child, Madison had always been happy. She loved her mom as if she was her whole world, and suddenly she's passed away and her friends abandoned her.

Left alone, Madison runs her own life, under her rules. Slowly she begins to ruin herself, but can someone change that?


17. 16


It's Thursday night. Logan's just dropped me off at home and, to be honest, our date was the only thing on my mind. I was worried. I've never been on a date before. I didn't know where we were going. I didn't know what to wear.

Miranda knocked on my door and slowly walked into my room. "Hello. Logan told me about your guys' date tomorrow and I think it's great! I was wondering... If... Uh..." She looked nervous. "You wanted to go shopping for something to wear?"

"I'd love to."

She looked surprised. "R-really?"

I smiled. "Yeah. Give me five minutes and I'll be ready."

She agreed and I put my shoes on. I walked into Austin's room. "Bud, we're gonna go shopping. It's already seven so I won't be here to tell you goodnight, so I'll say it now. Love you." I kissed his forehead and left with Miranda.

The car ride to the mall was quiet. We didn't say much, but I figured it would get better when we started shopping. Most girls like to do that, right?

She asked where I wanted to go and I thought of the girliest and cutest place I could think of; Forever 21.

As we were shopping we were starting to get into small conversation. "At school, I met this girl. Her name is Bradley. She seems pretty cool."

"Making some new friends? That's great! You should invite her over or do something with her."

"Yeah... I should..."


"Hm?" I didn't look up from the shirt rack I was looking at.

"Why did you come?"

"You offered before I could ask."

I sensed her smiling.

"Plus, you've got more money than me." I laughed and she joined in.

Eventually, I found the perfect outfit and I even helped Miranda find one for a date night she and Blake were having on Saturday, which means I get to watch Austin.

We got home just I'm time; Logan was FaceTiming me for his nightly singing.

When I answered, he was smiling. "I'm feeling really good about this one. You ready?"

I smiled and nodded.

He began playing what sounded like Summer Lovin' from Grease. "You're insecure/ don't know what for/ you're turning heads when you walk through the door/ don't need make up/ to cover up/ bein' the way that you are is enough/ everyone else in the room can see it/ everyone else but you."

I smiled. "That's so cute! Who's that by?"

"One Direction." He smiled.

"Who's that...?"

He gasped. "You don't know who they are?!"

"No, you idiot, I was asking because I know who they are!"

He laughed at my sarcasm. "A boy band."

"How'd you go from The Beatles to them?"

"I'd rather not answer..." He said awkwardly.

"Oh come on," I complained.


"Oh..." I said awkwardly. "Well, uh, hey, I gotta get some beauty rest for tomorrow... Good night."

"Good night, my love."

And with that, the conversation was over and I was left thinking about Norma and Logan, together.

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