Two Words

This is a poem dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend <3


1. Two words

They took away everything from me, my self confidence- everything.

I used to be able to stand the way I looked, then they broke me down. 

They tore everything from me, now I'm broken. 

Person after person said they would help me, but none succeeded.

Most of them, just gave up on me.

Then I met you, everything changed.

You're different, your positivity made me so attracted to you.

I didn't ever believe a guy like you, 

would love a torn apart, broken down girl like me. 

But you asked me to be yours, I was super excited and said yes.

Everyone can tell, that I'm truly happy when I'm with you. 

I began to tell you my life story, and I could see most of it hurt you.

Telling you about my past habits, and my current habit. 

I do my best to not do it, for you.

Then one day you asked a lot of me, for me to say I was beautiful. 

I was shocked, you knew I didn't believe it. 

I didn't want to, but I did it for you.

Even after a week, I still have issues believing it.

But I know you have faith in me, that one day I will believe it. 

You make me say these two words everyday:

I'm Beautiful

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