The magic in me

Just a little something I have wrote based on my other movella called ariana


1. 1

I walk through the wall. It takes some getting used to. Someone is saying something to me but the words brush past my ears. The lights are closed; curtains are drawn as if in mourning and the walls are as silent as the stars. Razor sharp glass is shattered in all directions with droplets of blood on the odd few.

“She might be asleep.” Says Sonny reassuringly.  I look into his unnatural yellow eyes. A few days ago I discovered that my real body has red eyes, angry ruby red.

 It was his fault says a voice in my head. He brought you into this.  He showed you the magic in your fingers. He freed the spell on you put there by your mother. He put her in danger. He killed her...

"It’s your fault mum’s dead," I blurt-out angrily, “You knew I wasn’t meant to know about the magic that the darkness would...would...  kill her if I know.”

I remember vividly coming across the darkness. It rises into nothing but black. It casts no shadow, no light and no noise. As silent as the grave. She couldn’t have stood a chance.

I don't want to be here in this piece of this past so I run.

 “Arianna come back. It’s not safe.” Wincing at the noise he is creating, I then remember that humans can’t hear us.

Snow pirouettes down to the ground washing the world to prepare it for a new chapter in life. I run past the bare trees dotted against the horizon groaning from the burden of the innocent snow on their branches, whispering to each other about secrets never to be told. The snow begins to be getting heavier now swirling down in great flurries. I click my fingers gently and try to master Mother Nature’s power. A little snowflake appears and gently falls to the ground.  I am lucky to have such a gift.

Sitting onto the frosty bench I take in my surroundings. Houses are standing bold in row and rows. I try to stifle a sob with no result. Tears bite at my cheeks and rush down my chin. My mother is dead. The sound of these words haunts my mind. How will I live without her?

I see Sonny in the distance. He nods at me and I just know he is confirming that she is dead. A sob wells up inside me.

 “I will always look over you even when I am gone. Find me in the stars," Says Sonny “It’s something my mother says to me. 

The words sound familiar as if I have heard them before. I look up to see clouds are covering the night. I lose hope but then remind myself of the magic in us. With a quick shake of the hand I push them away. And there in the snow stricken sky is one twinkling star bright as ever. 

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