As I Die

As her cheek hit the cold wet leafs the continuous gun fire ceased. All those years, all those battles that could only be thought but never won. The war against her mind was one that couldn't be won.


2. I can save you

She made it to the city, it was dark, it was either early morning or late night. She wasn't sure of anything anymore. She walked down a street but nothing seemed familiar, she hoped that she could find something that she recognised as a way of reassurance. She jumped as she heard a dog howl and bark in the distance bur after a few seconds it went quiet again, only the sound of her heeled boots clicking on the the cobbled pavement echoed along the ruined streets.

Specks of rain were in the air, she liked the rain, somehow it made her feel free. She rememebered reading in a book once 'its not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.' she always like that quote for some reason. Now she was out she could do whatever she wanted, she could get her life back, make something of herself and just live. oh and she was going to get a dog...for some reason she always wanted a dog...a collie...called Miranda...or Malteser she wasn't decided.

It was only at this moment that she realised she had the photo of the man looking for her in her pocket. She took it out and examined it, the man was probably mid to late twenties, tall, brown hair and he had some sort ID card round his neck. 'MMIT "it said. 'Ok so I'm in Manchester still.' She thought ' this guy works for Manchester Murder Investigation Team...lets go see him.'

She had a memory of a Manchester map in her head so now she knew where she was this would be a little easier. She went to the police station, that would hardly be closed.  

She walked in to find a PC sat at the front desk, the clock behind him said '5:34am' she at least wasn't that early.

"Can I help you Miss?" He asked.

She took a deep breath, she never was good at speaking to new people.

"I'm  lieutenant Summers and I'm looking for this man." She showed him the photo.

"That's Dylan Ma'am." The PC told her "He works here he should be in at six and normally he's like twenty minuets early so if you want to just wait there." He pointed to some spongey blue chairs. 'More upmarket than hospitals.' She thought remembering when X and Y had taken her to hospital when she'd spent the whole night screaming. 'Post traumatic stress disorder' They'd called, she called it life.

She sat down and waited, she bit her nails, she always did when she was nervous, her nerves sometime triggered panic attacks, she hope to god she wasn't about to have one.

About ten minuets later the doors opened and a man walked in, the PC on the desk pointed to her and he turned around, it was him.

"Miss Summers..." He started looking shocked to see her.

"I believe you requested to speak with me..."

"And I was told you didn't exist." He replied with a faint smile.

"The world has its wonders Mr..."

"Anderson, Dylan Anderson and it certainly does." He stopped "shall we continue this in my office?"

She nodded then followed him out. Her auburn hair covering her eyes, her arms around her as if for protection and every room or corridor they went through her eyes darted around sussing the lay out of the building, planning where the exit is.

"You don't have to be here if you don't want to..." He said sitting on a sofa in his office, she looked scared out of her skin.

"I'm...I don't know what to do..." She managed before running a hand through her hair determined not to cry.

"Why don't we start from the beginning...who are you?" He asked standing back up so he could look at her.

"Faith Summers...or at least that's what they called me..." She started calming down slightly.

"So tell me Miss Summers...if that is your name, can you tell me what happened to you?" He asked.

"How can I put it into words you would understand? How can I tell you something that will change the way you see the world? Something that will make you live your life sleeping with one eye open. You would spend the rest of your life listening to the cries of the long dead, hearing them scream for help in your head, knowing there is nothing you can do to save them!" she cried trembling.

He thought for a second, how could something so terrible happen to her? He looked at her appearance, she was tall, had long dark auburn hair and had shinny blue eyes.

"Tell me...and I can help you."

She breathed in "Can you really help me? Because I can't live like this, i hear them in my mind...begging me to help them but I can't...I..."

He smiled "I can save you."

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