Eye Patch

Always do the job at night. Daytime is too risky.


1. Eye Patch

Always do the job at night. Daytime is too risky.

It was a beautiful day along the seaside. The ocean waves crashed against the rocks. A roar from the mighty sea erupted and at shore, the tide had rapidly crept onto the sand. People walked past it without care and they laughed or argued at one another. Conversations about sick ones, jokes, money and many other things filled the air. Shops were opened for the day. The sea gulls sang horribly in the sky above. Everything was perfect.

Unfortunately for me though, things weren’t a pretty picture. My hair had refused to cooperate with me; people just either stared or laughed at it. My crew were nowhere to be seen. Not one of them. Not even Spencer, he was supposed to be man’s best friend! My ship was under repair because of the huge cannon blow at the side. Nothing was working out at all.

I walked up to a random store, scanning the eye patches. I had lost the only one I’d owned so I decided to buy a new one. I drooled; there were so many different types. Leather ones, cotton ones and authentic ones too! I was in pirate heaven. However, all good things come with a price. I read the tags, grunting in disappointment. Each one of them grew higher. I just wanted to steal one. My heart had the urge to do so, but the store was in Pirate’s Cove, the only place where I can be a treated like a normal citizen, so I had to buy one. I hated the fact about buying things at ridiculously high prices.

Unlike any person here though, I never followed the rules.

I managed to sneak one in my pocket while the casher was tending to a customer. I smirked, slipping away into the crowd and I left no trail behind.

I walked through the crowds until I reached the docks. The smell of the ocean ran through my senses. The docks were, as some say, the most peaceful place. The pirates lifted and heaved some supplies own their own ship and the seagulls sat on the masts. I smiled; such peace was hard to find.

However, in the corner of my eye I spotted that thing. It was a pendant. Long chains hung from the sides; a red symbol that was shaped like the sun sat in the middle. I turned to face it. From there, I decided that it would be mine. All mine! The problem was that it was on the ground were all the royals walked.

The town’s centre.

I groaned but walked up to it. The sun had disappeared behind the clouds. I tightened the strap of my eye patch, ignoring the dull yet throbbing pain and picked up my pace. I squeezed my way through the maze of royal people. I sighed, I was nearly there.

As I neared the pendant, an old man was standing by. He was spotted with age, with wrinkles that hung from his face. He smirked at me. I raised an eye brow, “What’re starin’ at, old man?”

He chuckled, “I wouldn’t take that if I were ya, girly.”

“And why not?”

“I just wouldn’t.”

I sighed, “Why? What’s it gonna do?”

He shrugged. I ran my fingers through my hair and ran towards the pendant. It was twinkling in the sun; I snatched it off the gravel. My eye grew wide in greed. I grinned and laughed madly. The man snapped his fingers. I blinked, facing the guy. What I saw made my day.

Twenty armed royal guards.

This was a time to put my covered eye in good use. I grinned, removing my eye patch. I kept the eye closed for a minute. I laughed, “Nice try, old man. But I don’t give in easily.”

I snapped opened my eye quickly and immediately the guards slammed into a nearby windows. I jumped in the air. The old man pointed at me and the royal guards dashed towards me. I huffed. Hopped onto the rooftop, I smirked down at the lot of them. My feet sprinted towards the next roof. I jumped off.

I ended up tripping on my own two feet and scrapping my knee. I groaned and glanced up. All of the guards had their guns pointed at me. I blinked and started to form a sword out of my arm. It squeezed its way off and blood trickled on the metal weapon. The guards stared, bewildered. I waved goodbye and ran towards the right. The gunshots echoed through my ears. I shielded them off with my sword. I continued to run. I was stopped in my path though by the stubborn person.

The old man stepped in front of me. He smirked, gripping my shirt and tugged me closer. His breath smelt of putrid fruits that were rotting away. He grinned, showing off his yellow stained teeth. He raised his hand and after that everything fell into an inky blackness.

The next time I awoke, I was surrounded by maids. My eyes shot wide open. I sat up, awfully confused. Wasn’t I, the most feared pirate throughout the seas, supposed to be in jail?  I rubbed my eye. “Ugh…”

“Miss! She’s awake,” a maid shouted.


Many people swarmed in after that. I jumped at all the noise. “What’s goin’ on?” I questioned.

“Oh! You’re going to be the new protector! Of this kingdom, that is! By the king’s orders!”

“Ah, I see.” I placed my head in my hands and chuckled, “Guess good things do happen…But why?”

The maid nodded, ignoring every word I said. “Uh huh! Now hurry! We have to meet the king!”

I was shoved out the door with some fancy blue dress on. I was really muddled. About everything. However, there was one thing that I did know, even if it was strange enough.

 Who was that old man?

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