In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


4. no no no and again NO

chapter 4

Zayn POV.

We arrived at KFC and Alex seemed a little quiet.
What is going on? I ask Alex.
Oh nothing, she tells me. But then she looks very scared to Louis, but he did not look back.
Is there something happend between you and Louis? I ask concerned.
Uh no der is nothing, she tells me.
Oh, okay.


Alex POV.

I don't know whether I should tell Zayn. He is really nice to me and i think i can trust him but then again I'm so afraid of Louis reaction. 
While we are eating at KFC, there comes a group of girls to us.
Can we get an autograph? the blonde girl asks.
Sure, liam said.
After that they got their autographs and took a picture with the guys, the blonde girl asks Zayn, who is that? I notice that I am getting angry the tone she used against me.
Excuse you, I say to the girl.
It's a good question, she says to me,becaus you're so ugly, so why would the boys want to be seen with you?
I just whas going to say something when louis comes between our little bitch fight.
Shut up,you never ever say a bad thing about Alex, she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and you can not talk about her like that. The girls seems a bit upset by what Louis told them but then they walk with a mean look on there faces out of KFC.
Wow thank you Louis, I say to Louis a little taken back from what he just said.
It's all right, he says to me.
Let's go home because there is something we need to tell you, says Liam.
Oh, okay, I said. but still one thing guys, you were right KFC is AWESOME! Then they all started to laugh.


Louis POV.

I don't really like what the girls said about Alex. She is so beautiful, and I think I'm in lovewith her​​. Once we're back in the car Liam begins.
Alex, we have to tell you something and you have to promise that you stay calm, he tells her.
Okay, she says. 
We're going on a world tour and it takes about a year, and you're coming with us, and we are going to say that you are our personal assistant, says Liam very quickly and with only one breath.
WTF, no no no no and again NO.
I think it's bad enough that I'm kidnapped by you, that you blocked 911 on my chellphone, but I'm not going with you on a world tour, says Alex. Ouch, that hurt my heart, I think in my head.
I mean then i have a year without privacy, and then I'll also have to be with you guys, oehh that's really painful, the little voice in my head said.
I mean before you kidnapped me i didn't like you guys but now i hate you even more! BAM, my heart falls into a thousand pieces. 
I'm not coming and there's nothing you can do about it, Alex said with an angry look.


(authors note: hi, sorry if it's boring, but the next chapter gets better, I promise. Please like my story that would really mean a lot to me, see you later xx)

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