In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


13. I'm official his!

Chapter 12:

Alex POV.
Nothing happend last night just kissing and talking. But we fell asleep snuggling up to each other. I woke up and i saw that i was not in the room i share with Louis. Than i rememberd last night. I wanted to get up but i feel Calums arms around my waist. I tried to get is hand of me without waking him up.
I don't gonna let you go you know, he said holding me even closer. I started to giggle. I turned around and looked at him. We looked at each other and started to kiss again. But than Michael came in.
Dude i let you guys alone yesterday but today i want to go in my room without you eating each others face, he said looking discust at us. When he was gone again we started to laugh. 
I have to go, i have to pack my stuff and i have to change clothes, i said looking at at him. 
Okay but are you coming with us in the bus or with the others? he ask.
I don't know i think i am going with you guys, i said looking at his perfect face. His hair is all messy and i liked it, it lookes kind a sexy. 
What are you looking at? he ask
Your hair, its very messy, i said with a grin n my face. He started to try to fix his hair but i stopped him.
Stop Calum its looked kinda hot, i said laughing because his face is al red right now.
Thanks he said. I started to get up and i kissed Calum and said bye. I walked to the elevator and go 1 floor higher. I walked in and i saw al the 1D boys in the living room al staring at me.
What? i ask a little rude.
Nice to see you to, harry said.
Where were you? Louis ask.
Oh just with my boyfriend Calum on our first date, i said looking straigth at Louis. Zayn came walking over to me and gave me a hug.
Nice work, he said with a smirk.
I know, i said also with a smirk. But i should start packing my stuff, i said.
Okay, we leave in 1 our, are you coming with us or with Calum? Niall ask.
I'll go with Calum today i don't know about tomorow, i said looking at the boys. I saw the boys smirk and i know what they are thinking about but that isn't going to happend untill i am ready for it. I saw the boys smirk except Louis, he just glared at me.
I there something wrong Louis? i ask.
No why would there be something wrong? he aks looking really mad at me.
Oh no you just looked very mad at me so i thought maybe there is something, i said staring at him.
But i am going to change clothes now, see you later, i said waving at them. I walked to my room even though i didn't sleep in here. I changed in other clothes and i packed my bag. I walked back to the livingroom and i saw that they were waiting for me. 
Ready? Harry ask.
Yeah lets go. We walked to the elevator and were heading downstairs. I saw Calum and the boys and walked over to them. I kissed Calum and we walked in there bus.

*that night*

I was in my bunk bed looking on my phone. Me and Calum share a bunk because we didn't have enough bunk beds. And because we like to cuddle.
Hey Alex do you want to play Truth or Dare? Michael yelled from the little "living room''.
Be there in a second, i yelled back.
Okay, he yelled again.  I came out of the bunk and walked to the ''living room".  I gave Calum a kiss and i sat down, And then we started to played Truth or Dare.
Truth or Dare Calum, Asthon said.
Dare, he said. 
I Dare you to eat 2 spoons of hot chilli, Asthon said.
Calum walked over to the kitchen and came back with some chilli and a spoon. He eats 2 spoons and his face is going grazy.
Truth or Dare Michael, he said with a little weard voice,probably because of the heat.
Truth, Michael said. 
Do you fancy someone on this moment? Calum ask with a normal voice again. 
Yeah, Michael said a little
Who? i ask.
Thats not the question, he said sticking his tongue out.
Okay, i said. Your turn Michael.
Truth or Dare Luke, he said.
Dare, Luke said.
I Dare you to prank call one of the hot girls from grade 9, Michael said. After that was done we couldn't stop laughing because the girl he called knew that he was famous now so she started to fangirl and stuff. Now it was Lukes turn.
Truth or Dare to Alex, Luke said.
Truth, i said.
How do you know the 1D boys? he ask. SHIT, i thought in my head.
Uhm, i said and i can feel that my eyes started to water. Its al because it reminds me of the fact that they kidnapped me and that Louis takes care that i can't contact my family and friends.
You don't have to answer this question, Calum whispered in my ear.
No its fine, i said back. I know them because  they, they saved me from a dude that tried to rape me, i lied. I don't like it to lie to them because they are very nice but i can't tell them because they would kill Louis,especially Calum. I thought about the kidnapping again and i started to cry.
O my god Alex i'm so sorry, Luke said looking guilty. 
No don't feel guilty you couldn't know that, i said looking at him. I could feel the boys staring at me. Calum walked over to me and started to hug me. I like it when he hugs me. 
Stop crying Alex we are here now. We will protect you, Calum said hugging me even tighter. And the 1D boys are there to. I started to cry again. 
Come Alex we are going to sleep, Calum said.
Okay, is all i could say. We walked to our bunk and we didn't even changed in our pjs,
we just laid down on the bunk and started to cuddle without saying a word.

(hey, i just wanted to say that i don't hate louis its just that i have to think about something to make the story interesting. So just that you know that, Byeeee)


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