My love


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I had wated for this for 8 months me and my best friend and I were finally moving to the UK I sat next to Amelia on the plane we had been bestirs since 1st grade when we found out we had the same last name; smith since then we had been like sister bc we looked like each other and had the same last name every one thought we were twins when we weren't we were sitting on the plane about to land when I heard he say something I took out my head phones

Amelia: O-M-G we r moving to the UK just think new places cute boys and best of all we are living in the same city that one directions flats are!!!

Sloane: already talking like an Englishness person huh

Amelia: su-loan!!!! This is major we could run into them on the street and fall Madley in love with them

Sloane: yes because out of all the girls IN THE WORLD they are going to notice us as more that crazy fans

Amelia: well Louis and ellenaour broke up so me and him have a chance

Sloane: yes and I'm the mother of russle brands baby

Amelia: witch one

Sloane: haha. Where here Amelia we are out of America for good

Amelia: no more country boys

Sloane: just British boys

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