Funny man

This story takes place after school, with j and Joseph gossiping, saying jokes, and talking about funny things that happened during school. What these two talk about always changes, sometimes they'll talk about serious life lessons things or just something stupid.


1. Interesting

As these two guys walked towards the train tracks they heard a loud noise coming from a factory not to far ahead of them.

J: "did you hear that?"

Joseph: "yea. What was that?"

J: "maybe someone trying to snipe us."

Joseph: "I don't mind dien that way as long as it's intresting " 

J:"How is that intresting"

Joseph: "It just is"

J:" but I don't want to die a virgin!!!!"

Joseph:"hahaha that's true I don't like the idea of that happening ether."

J: "yea, glad you see my point but man now that I think about it weren't you being a little to mean to cristion today"

Joseph:"yea well he asked for it, talking about me all the time."

J:" you know something I noticed about you?"


J:"you're prejudice aren't you"

Joseph:"what no I'm not."

J:" how so?"

Joseph:“I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally. ” 


Joseph:" that's rude"

J:" pfft.. Hahaha you know what it mean don't you?"

Joseph:"yea I do and that's not nice"

J:"what does it mean then?"

Joseph:"I know exactly what I means. In the dictionary it says a polite or not so rude way to say fuck you."

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