1. The Breakup

I sat upright in my bed. Knees to my chest. Eyes bloodshot. Those two dreams I had last night were so different. I mean in one Justin was so sweet almost like his old self but in the other I was cheated on. Then it clicked. I threw on a white tank top and my blue jean high waisted shorts and a pair of doc martens. I grabbed my room key and rushed out the door. I probably looked like and idiot running threw the halls but I needed to know. I pounded on my old room door. Come on... Come on! Finally. The door opened revealing Melody. Just my luck! "What do you want, fat ass!" I growled and pushed past her. " Justin Drew where are you!" Silence. " Justin don't make me ask again!" I yelled. He ran out the room only wearing a towel waster droplets dripped off his body. I licked my lips , Nows not the time Skylar control your hormones!

"What I was in the shower." I nodded and took a deep breath. "Justin why did you break up with me and I want the truth." I demanded in a gentle tone. His expression changed clearly he wasn't expecting that question.

"Umm.. Nice weather here today and u.. Umm.. Yeah" he stuttered out.

"Justin don't make me ask you again." I hissed through gritted teeth. He gulped looking me dead in the eye "Ill be back Mel." He called over his shoulder and led me to the bedroom."You want the truth?" I rolled my eyes. He hesitated then said.

"Ok, but you have to promise me you won't interrupt me, yell at me, touch me or Melody or throw things at either one if us." Wow , this must be serious if he knows I'm gonna get angry.

" I promise." Not! I have aright to be angry. He nodded not fully convinced and started." It was almost a year ago .Um... You remember when you went with your parents on vacation." He stopped and looked at me for confirmation . I nodded and he continued " I wasn't really sick, Ryan told me he was going to a party and begged me to come." " I couldn't cancel on going in vacation with you so I faked being sick, I told my mom I was sick and I'd stay in bed and convinced her to go visit my grandparents. She hesitated but went. I snuck out and met Ryan at the party, turns out it was Melodys party." He smiled at the mention of her name." I told my self not too drink cause I'd do something stupid. I walked around and talked to a few friends I didn't know a lot of people because at the time Melody was at another school.It was getting lame so I got up to leave while I was leaving.... This beautiful brunette stopped me ." I lost it and sobbed right there, Justin reached for me but I shook him off. He sighed and continued. " she started talking to me and convinced me stay she was so different from you in many ways. After half and hour of talking she brought back some drinks. I didn't want to but something about her wanted me to get drunk and do something stupid with her. So I got drunk. Drinking cup after cup, she pulled me on the dance floor our bodies moving to the beat. We hadn't even been on the floor 20 minutes and she started seducing me." He chuckled and continued. " she kissed me and I felt sparks just like when we used to kiss, I led her upstairs and one thing led to another." He stopped and looked at me " so you had sex with her two days after us?" I asked he nodded and started again. " I woke up the next day and we talked about what happened. I helped her clean up the house and then took her out for breakfast. Halfway through my mom called and told me about the accident. I jumped out my seat trying to explain as quick as possible so I could go see you. She stopped me and asked can she come with, something about her was so special so I let her come." " you brought that fucking slut with you when I, your girlfriend,had just got in a crash and lost my parents !" I screamed he nodded and continued his story " she stayed for about 20 minutes and left . After your accident I tried to stay by your side 24/7 but I missed her so we met up sometimes. We weren't dating just friends who were attracted to each other. We didn't kiss or anything like that she said she respected you too much to do that." " Eventually her jealousy got the best of her and she agreed to keep us a secret.That was about a month after the accident. We'd meet up every time I wasn't with you,which hard because we were always together... Inseparable almost." He chuckled. Then finally I talked to Ryan I told him that I'm not good with feelings and crap and Mitch on the football team asked me for advice I basically used Mitch as me and he didn't suspect a thing. He told me that If Mitch really loved Brittany. You, then he wouldn't have fell for Kayla, Melody. That was about 2 months before I broke up with you. I thought about his advice and then I convinced myself that I didn't love you anymore ." He paused still staring at me his eyes glazed over with tears. " So finally I did it I broke up with you." He stopped, " Im done." I nodded and counted to ten before exploding. "You asshole why didn't you break up with me instead of lead me on! You ... You touched after you touched her who knows what she has! And bringing to the hospital was disrespectful! You... You Bitch!" I knocked all the items off the dresser . I flipped the chairs over I ripped the bed sheets. " As many times as I've said this. I truly do hate you Justin! Agggghhh!" I screamed and then the palm of my hand came in contact with his face. My hands pounded on his chests while he tried to grab my wrists. I pushed back and threw the closest thing I could find at his face, a vase, it shattered against a his arms and face his scream filled the air. Melody burst through the door and pushed me " you bitch!"i screamed excitement rushed through my veins when i saw her.An echo filled the room as she slapped me across the face. I balled my fist and punched her and damn it felt good, I love this power! I feel so dominant. I chuckled and pushed her. Every hit becoming more aggressive as i viciously attacked until Justin pulled me off. I rubbed at the scratches on my face as I screamed and walked up to Justin and did the unthinkable I kissed him and he kissed back, I pulled back tears seeping through my cut and burning. I shook my head"Rot in hell!" I yelled before running out the room. People stood in the hallway trying to get a glimpse of action. I shook my head and kept running till I reached my room and furiously packed my things. I'm going home.

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