It's Kinda a Funny Story! (A Demi/Sonny Chad/Sterling story.)

Demi finds herself face to face with her old boyfreind Chad Dylan Cooper. What happens when they see each other after six years? Will Demi fall for "Chad" again?


2. Demi

Demi's POV

I was walking near a Starbucks texting my friend,"Sonny!". I stopped. I had tears in my eyes. No one has called me Sonny for five years. I remeber Chad. I run away. I hear something fall but I keep running. I see an alley and sink to the floor crying.


Sterling's POV

As I was walking I saw Sonny. I called her name. She stopped for a moment and ran off somewhere. She dropped something. Her phone. I pick it up. I walk around looking for her. I was near an alley and heard crying. Sonny. I walk towards her. Her hair is down and pink. I bend down and hand her the phone. She wipes her eyes. "Thanks." I help her up. She moves her hair out of her face. "Sonny. Sonny?" Hi. Im not Sonny. Im Demi." She replies. She looks so much like Sonny. It hurts.

Demi's POV

Chad helped me up. "Sonny. Sonny?" Hi. Im not Sonny. Im Demi." I lied. I changed my name and pretended like Sonny never existed after that."Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else." It's..It's ok. So...what's your name?" Sterling..." So It's not Chad. "You wanna join me at Starbucks?" Sure." He said yes. We buy our coffes and find a quiet spot to sit. "I lied. I am Sonny." He looks up at me. " I am Chad. I changed my name after Mackenzie Falls ended."

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