Movellas school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Have you wanted to go to Hogwarts? Well welcome to the online version! You can sign up, and come here for as long as you like. But this just like Hogwarts. You can take extra classes, if you like, and you can try out for the quiddich team, you have get sorted into a house, you get to a wand, all of the above! It's Hogwarts through and through!


1. Acceptance form

Anybody who wants to, will be in Movellas school of whichcraft and wizardry, but in order to be an official student, you need to have put in a form in the comments box, and you need to take the house and wand quiz, to see which house you're in, and which wand you get. Once you do that, you need to favorite this movella, so that you can keep track of everything in lessons. Here is you're to-do list before you are accepted:

put in a comment putting you're;





Extra Classes?:


Things you need to know:

Required classes: Charms; Transfiguration; Potions; Defense against the dark arts; Astronomy, Herbology

Extra Curricular Classes: Devinations; Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Alchemy, Care of Magical Creatures

Quiddich is trivia, captions will be chosen by teachers, and players will be chosen by captions

Stuff you need:

- Wand

- Extra Movella each year for assignments, and co-authored by all teachers

-to be in a house

Subject Descriptions:

Charms: Learning spells that work for a long time; Required

Transfiguration: Transforming objects into other things; Required

Potions: learning how to properly execute potions; Required

Defense against the dark arts: learning how to properly execute defense spells; Required

History of Magic:

Astronomy: Study of the Stars and Planets, Required

Herbology:The study of magical and muggle Plants and fungi, Required

Muggle Studies: The study of muggles and their ways, Extra

Care of Magical Creatures: Learning the proper care and treatment of magical creatures, Extra

Alchemy: Study of the 4 elements, Extra

Divinations: Using numbers to tell the future ;Extra

Arithmancy: Tracking the stars, and how they related to spells, Extra

See you at Hogwarts!

Headmistress Potterhead74

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