The Granger Triplets

Hannah, Hermione and Jodie are the three Granger triplets. They would always be with each other until they get sorted into different houses and they turn against each other. Can three boys bring them together in the battle of Hogwarts.


1. Flashback

Jodie`s P.O.V

"Hermione Granger."


"Hannah Granger."


"Jodie Granger."

"Won't go down without a fight. Does everything to get her own way. Better be Slytherin."

My sisters looked shocked that I was in Slytherin.

End of flashback.

We weren't the same after that. We fell out all the time. Once I left our friendship Hannah and Hermione were torn apart by fighting. Now we all hate each other. Hannah and Hermione got everything that they wanted. Hermione left Hogwarts after her sixth year to go hunting horcruxes. It was getting more and more different at Hogwarts now with Snape as headmaster. 

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