Love last forever

Claire and Louis were dating before the Xfactor then he said he would come back . He didn't but what happens when they meet up and start to date again ???? Find out in ' Love Last Forever '


3. hanging out

I arrive home and as soon as I walk through the door I get a text . ' hey it's Louis could I come over ' he texts ' yeah my address is ..... ' I texted him . I walked inside my room and got dressed in some sweats and a tank top and I put my hair In a messy bun . Since Louis was coming over I made some pizza . I took it out if the oven and took off my oven glove or whatever it is . I heard a knock and I walked over to answer it . I saw Lou standing there . I bit my lip oh god he was so hot . I stood there " sorry you can come in " i say and invite him in . He slips his coat and shoes off and sits at the kitchen table " we need to talk " he says . " ok about " I ask sitting tea and pizza on the table . " Claire I miss you I miss .... " he pauses " us " we both say above a whisper . I hang my head " Louis I cared about you and I thought you cared about me but nope you went to the X factor and we never saw each other and never contacted each other " I say holding back tears , " I'm really sorry management took our phones and I still love you " he says and grabs my hand and rubs his thumbs over my hands . " Louis I - " I get cut off by him smashing his lips onto mine . One thing leads to another and well things got ...... " best sex ever " Louis says . " Louis I don't feel right about this " I say and sit up . " it's fine " he says and rubs my bear back . I lighten up then frowns as it think about it he asks " will you be my girlfriend " " Louis I'm not a bicycle , you can't get off and on when you please " I say . He looks disappointed at me and begins to get dressed . " but I ..... I'll think about it bye Lou " I say and hug him " take all the time you need goodbye " he says and kisses my temple . I smile as he walks to his car and he gets in and waves one last time and drives away . I shut my door and call Niall . " Niall could you come over " I ask " oh sure love be over in 10 " he says " K bye " I say " bye " he says and I hang up . I go to my bedroom and spray some perfume and make my bed . I get dressed in a pair of superman pajamas and put y hair in a side fishtail with a pair of slippers . I hear Niall knock so I answer the door . " hey " I say an hug him " hey " he says back " come on in " I say and move put of the way so he can enter my flat . " nice place " he says and plops on the couch . I sit next to him " Niall me and Louis has eh well " I say " sex " Niall says finishing my sentence . I nod " and he asked me to be his girlfriend but it's like I'm his bicycle " I say and hang my head . " anyone would be lucky to have you and mate he does want to be wih you " Niall says . I smile " thanks Niall " I say . He walks out to his car and shouts " bye " and drives away .

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