Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


11. Just go..


         My eyes fluttered open again,but I was not in my room.''Where a-am I?!"I yelled,sitting up.''Calm down baby,''I heard a familiar voice say from the other side of the room.''Your in the hospital.''The voice said again,I had figured out that the voice belonged to Justin.''But how did you get in here?Aren't you like a wanted criminal?"He chuckled.''Yeah,I just climbed in through the window.''I just laughed.''I thought you had another job to do?"He just shrugged.''Well forget that.I'll explain later.Anyway,the doctor left his clipboard here and it says you can come home tomorrow morning.''I sat up.''How long have I been here?"

''About a week or two.''I nodded and laid back down.''Well i'm hungry,iv'e got to go.''

"Wait Justin!Please stay with me.''I begged him as he was lifting one foot out of the window.''I wish I could but I can't.If the doctors come in the room and find me I could be in jail for 30 years or more.''

''Ok.''I said,almost crying.I don't like hospitals and I don't want Justin to be alone.I know we aren't dating but I don't want him to hang out with any other girls.I watched as he climbed out of the window and waved two fingers past his face.I waved back to him.I heard him drop to the ground.Although he just left I still miss him.How crazy is it to say you miss a criminal?I got up to close my window when I heard something moving next to it.I quickly got up and locked the window.I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the sharpest thing I could find.I walked out of the bathroom and closer to the front door.The window slowly creaked open,revealing Kevin.''Get the hel... away from me!"I said frightened.''Ah,I knew i'd find you soon.''He said smirking,almost like he didn't care that he had me crying in the corner of a hospital room.And I was pretty sure he didn't care.''Get away from me you sick bast..!''I warned again.''Calm down baby I'm just here to-''

''Don't you dare call me baby you piece of shi..''He looked surprised at me.''Wow,look who grew a spine.Little Elle..''

''I'm not the same girl I was before,surprised you didn't know that,you seem to know everything else.''

Rage burned in his eyes.''Drop that attitude you little fuc..!''


He said nothing,he just jumped closer to me which gave me the chance to do what i've wanted to do for a while.I plunged the sharp object into his stomach,I could hear his skin tear.I was scared for my life.He fell on the floor and I ran out the door screaming for anyone who would come.I found a doctor and a couple of nurses.But,by the time I got them to come to my room,he was gone.All that was left was a puddle of his blood on the floor.

''NO!HE WAS JUST HERE,I SWEAR!"I screamed sliding down the wall.''Calm down please-''The nurse said to me trying to calm me down but I interrupted her.''DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!KEVIN WAS HERE I PROMISE YOU HE WAS HERE!YOU HAVE TO SEND POLICE TO FIND HIM!HIS DNA IS RIGHT HERE!"I cried.The last thing I needed was comfort,what I needed was his death.And I wasn't going to stop until he was dead,even if it meant breaking out of this hospital.



I know this probably sucks but Kevin is back and he's still out there.Immy will be back in the next chapter so look forward to that.Thanks for the support guys 16 favorites and 8 likes,to me that's alot!Please keep it coming,lol!


Oh yea and I know I owe you  all like 6 more chapters and I'm working on it I promise!


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