Being a Rebel has consequences.

Roxanne ( roxy) Tomlinson was a goody two shoes she hung out with the good kids and had good grades. Her brother Louis was her best friend, but that changed when Louis left for the X factor. She felt lost she died her natural light brown hair to a bleach blonde with baby blue tips, she pierced her belly button , and made NEW friends. Her new best friend is named Jadelyn ( Jade) Horan. Jade's parents and her get in a fight and send her to live with her brother and his four band mates one of the band mates is Jadelyns brother ( Niall), when Jades parents send her to how will these girls survive?


20. Beach day

Roxy's p.o.v

Everyone get your fat asses up we're going to the beach Liam yelled. Skylah was in my arms and already ready. She was wearing a pink polka dot Minnie mouse 2 piece swimsuit, pink sandals, a pink sun hat , and pink sunglasses. Today was a very hot day 37* c, tomorrow we are leaving for California and then Florida , and many other places for tour. Everyone is going, after about 20 minutes everyone was ready to go..

Harry's p.o.v

I picked up Sky and then we all got into the car, Louis , Delilah , Sky , Jade , and I all rode in my black range rover, Liam , Sam , Roxy , Niall all rode in Liam's red Porsche, and Zayn and Perrie rode in Zayn's black Toyota. We made it to the beach and not many people were there. I picked up Sky and then walked into the water holding her close to me. I was about up to my waist and Sky was wrapping her legs around my waist so i'd say the water was just past her bum. We played in the water for a bit but then we got hungry. We got out of the water and I took Sky up to the ice cream stand. Hello mate I'd like a vanilla kid cone , and a vanilla adult cone please. All right that with be 3.50. I pulled change out then the guy handed me the cones. I walked over to the area were we were all sitting. I put Sky done then helped her eat her cone while I ate mine. 

Jadelyn's p.o.v

Guy's it's getting late I think we should head home we have to get up early, Liam yelled. We all packed up then got into the car. We drove home then drifted off to sleep.

**************** Next Morning****************8

Roxy's p.o.v

We woke up and it was pretty early. I walked into Sky's room and I picked her up and did the usual. I changed her into a pair of jeans , a pink t shirt , a sweater , runners , and a base ball hat with the boy's faces on it. I brushed her brown curly hair and put it in a pony tail. I cant believe in 8 months  she's be 2 years old. I also can't believe in six months baby Emilin will be born , Jade's due date is December 7th. We walked into the living room and I made her breakfast oatmeal, and strawberries. That's her favorite, we have to leave to the airport in two hours. I gave her to Niall then went to go get changed. I changed into high wasted shorts, a dark blue and white striped t shirt that the back kind of opened up, blue toms , and a pair of black sun glasses. I curled my hair then put red lipstick and mascara on. I'm nervous because I think I might be pregnant because about 3 weeks ago Liam and I... and well you know umm I've missed my period for about 2 weeks. When we land Liam and I are going to by a test then well i'm going to take it. I want to  be a mum but we already have a baby in the house plus one on the way and if I am pregnant then that would be a two year old , a 3 month old , and a newborn. Crazy right, I really wish I am pregnant because I love Liam and I do want to start a family with him. After everyone was ready we got into the limo and then drove to the airport.

! Skip plane!

After we landed we all headed to the hotel. Liam and I managed to pick up a test right before we left. When we got home Liam picked me up and then we went to our hotel room that we are sharing with Sam and Niall. Jade , Skylah , Louis , Harry , and Delilah are all sharing. We went into the bathroom and then locked the door. I took the test then we waited impatiently for about 5 minutes. The test came up positive, I hugged Liam and he kissed me. We are going to have a baby!! We walked out and Sam and Niall were sitting on the couch eating popcorn. What were you guys doing in there? Sam asked curious. Liam whispered in my ear " tell them but make them keep a secret". Can you guys keep a secret I said in a serious tone. Yes of course they said at the same time. Well we're pregnant , i mean Roxy is pregnant not me Liam said awkwardly. Oh congrats guys they said hugging me. Please don't tell anyone just yet we want to tell them tonight at dinner. They promised and we just carried on our afternoon. Around five we all wanted dinner so we decided to go somewhere fancy to celebrate the beginning of tour. Liam and I took a quick shower ( together to save water) then I changed into a black dress and black heels. I curled my hair then put on mascara , eyeliner , red lipstick , and lip liner. Liam was wearing black dress pants , a purple dress shirt , a tie , and black shoes. Sam was wearing the same sort of thing like me but pink. Niall was matching with Liam but wearing a pink dress shirt. We were all wearing similar things but different colors. We got to the restaurant and we ordered. While waiting for our food we decided to make the announcement. Liam banged on the glass with a knife. Attention everyone looked at us. We would like to announce that well Roxy's pregnant! Everyone looked so happy except Jade she stormed off. I followed her, what's wrong? I asked? She pointed at my stomach, My baby is the problem? I asked a bit angry. Yes I'm the pregnant one not you! You ruined it everyone was helping me so now there just going to help you. So the fact I made love to the man of my dreams whom I'm engaged to and now expecting a baby is my fault? Yes if you had used protection, I believe that is none of your business Jadelyn. It's my love life and it's not my fault if we never used protection and now we are finally starting a family. Ugh she grumbled I'm sorry it's just im hormonal and I'm bitchy and I'm being probably the biggest bitch yet. Will you please forgive me? Yes I said we hugged then walked back to the table...

~ After dinner~

We got back to the hotel, Us girls and Skylah are going to hangout tomorrow since the boys have meetings and a show tomorrow night. I crawled into bed and Liam kissed my belly he snuggled close to me and we fell asleep... 


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