Completely orphaned, Daniela has been in an orphanage for years. But when her twin brother Peter comes up, they don't feel so alone anymore. But when they get adopted by an odd scientist with an evil twinkle in his eye, what will happen ? Find out in this amazingly magnificent awesome book.
The cover is a picture I found when searching "spider woman" on Bing. It was signed at the bottom by someone named Junica Hots (That's what it said.) I didn't mean to cut her out But I had to or else Spidergirls face would be in half. I just want to give her full credit for this amazing artwork and not to tell me I plagiarized. I will say the exact website at the end of the book, like a bibliography.


1. Chapter One

     "Come along, kids," says our Aunt urgently, trying to get us off the park bench. Not the way Peter wanted to, though. I push him playfully and he dramatically falls to the ground. He rubs his arm, sticking his small tongue out at me.
"Auntie, Danny pushed me!" He whines.
"Oh, Peter, you're five years old, stop whining. Daniela, don't push your brother."
Rolling my eyes at the ground so she won't notice, I step along and follow them across the park, playing tag with Peter. Suddenly a man runs up and demands Auntie to hand over her valuables. My eyes fall to the gun in his hand. Hesitating, she reaches into her purse.
"Auntie, I'm scared," Peter says. 
"Me too." I hold Peter's hand, the way most kids our age thought would create a forcefeild. It didn't work.
"Gimme the wallet, hurry now!" The man yells. Too bad we are the only ones in the park. Just as I think such, a firm hands grabs my shoulder.
"Peter!" I yell, kicking and squirming, trying to get the man to release me. Auntie doesn't say a thing. Not a thing. She just stares at the man, as if she can't do anything.
"Gimme. The wallet." I feel something cold and metal against my tiny skull..
"Auntie!" I scream, the sound of a gun cocking filling my ears. I start to cry.
"Auntie, do something!" Peter yells. At least HE cared about me. The man shot Auntie and took me away, with Peter too helpless to follow. That was  6 years ago, almost 7. I don't even know how many people have gone in and out of the orphanage I'm at and looked right past me. Daniela Blank, everyone calls me, because I don't have a certain last name, I was here too young to know. I miss my twin brother, but I'm not sure anyone believes me when I say I've got a brother, because I've never even got a reply when I say so. But then a boy came one day.
"This one caused trouble in the last one so they tried to get rid of him," says a voice I'm eavesdropping on. The boy is about my age, with messy dark hair and long legs. Just like me, I think. 
"What's his name?" Says the head of the orphanage, a nice lady named Miss Kelly. 
"Peter Parker, he says."
Peter?! It must be him, it has to be. Miss Kelly leads him into the living room with all the other kids, and she introduces him.
"Hey, guys, let's give a warm welcome to Peter Parker, our newest addition to Miss Kelly's Orphanage!" 
Peter wears a sad expression, but his eyes meet mine and we stare at each other for a second. Without a word, we embrace each other in a hug.
"Danny?" He asks.
"Umm..." Miss Kelly stares awkwardly at us. "So y'all..."
"This is my twin brother I kept trying to tell you about, Miss Kelly. See. I'm not crazy!"
With a odd look on her face, Miss Kelly turns on her heels and walks off.
"Danny, what happened?" Peter asks.
"That man just killed Auntie and ran off with me, dropping me off in the woods without a word. I eventually met a hiker who called the cops. You?"
"When Auntie died, they took me to an orphanage. They spent a long time looking for you. I'm just not very well behaved, and they keep transferring me."
"Dinner is ready, children! Come along!"
Ya see, this isn't your typical full house orphanage. About seven kids in all, it's a pretty small business. It's more like a foster home, I guess. It's not really named. So Miss Kelly and her mother run it, and feed us and clothe us as if we're their kids. We are now Emily, Abigail, James, Carter, Heather, Peter, and me. Us,  not really including Peter, have been the kids nobody has adopted. Peter, I guess, hasn't been adopted, because he's probably been thrown around a lot. But after dinner, of which Peter introduced himself to the group and we played a couple ice breakers, a man walks in. And is the sight.

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