Something has happened and now Lily can't remember the past three months of her life. She's now dating her best friend Jace and when she kisses him, she has flashbacks. Is it wrong to use him to reclaim her lost thoughts. In addition, the ex-swim team captain Murray seems to be holding her responsible for why he's been kicked off the team.

High school bully Kali wants Lily to suffer for going out with Jace. Kali also wants to help her best friend Kiara get over being dumped by Jace but some of her ideas are unorthodox. Kali's older brother Kai is off limits but he's offering to help Kiara get over Jace in secret.

Kiara's sneaking about leads her to uncover a world that she never knew existed, the very same world that Lily has forgotten. Kiara isn't part of the Avatar world and any human that becomes part of it and is unclaimed will be annihilated. Will Lily remember in time to save her enemy.


1. Prologue

0.  Prologue

Gwyn sat in the drawing room of the grand house waiting to seek help from Lily's parents.  The room was very modern looking with minamilist black and red furniture.  Before her was large floor length windows that looked out across the grounds.  She could see Marina tending to the roses, wearing green gardening gloves and gripping sharp clippers.  Her long red hair fell down her back.  She only looked a few years older than fourteen year old Lily but it had been over fifty years since Marina had been in Gwyn'scare.

"Gwynevier,"  Coralia smiled warmly, "how lovely to see you." 

"Thanks Coralia."  Gwyn smiled back, meeting the trademark silver eyes born to all merallos.

"What do we owe the pleasure?"  Dagon said as he joined the two women on the red corner couch.

"There is a problem with Lily."  Gwyn said somberly.

"Oh no."  Coralia gasped, pulling her fists to her chest.  "My poor baby.  What's wrong?"

"She has come into her powers early."  Gwyn explained.  "It gets worse, I have had a vision of the death crows coming."

"It is too soon for her to join us."  Dagon complained.  "She won't have been around you long enough to have aged sufficiently."

"Rather a daughter stuck at fourteen, than one that has no soul." Coralia argued.

"How about..."Gwyn regretted what she said as soon as the words left her mouth. "Nothing." She mumbled.

"What is it?"  Coralia asked with hope.  Dagon raised his eyebrows with interest.

"No.  It's not a good idea."

"Please tell me, for Lily's sake."  Coralia begged.

"Come on Gwyn.  You must tell us."  Dagon said in  a manner that almost sounded like an order.

Gwyn hung her head in shame.  She couldn't believe the idea had even entered her mind and wished she'd not voiced it.  "Please forget I said anything."

Coralia gasped.  That word - forget - she knew what Gwyn was neglecting to say.  "The amnesia rose!"

"We mustn't.  It's not meant for this."

"What is it?  What is it meant for?"  Dagon asked.

"It's used by the broken hearted to forget the one they loved."  Coralia whispered.

"She'd forget her trigger,"  Dagon smiled.  "It would be like she'd never been awoken."

"It's just a theory."  Gwyn shook her head.  "It's never been done."

Coralia held her husbands hand, her eyes full of hope and dismissing Gwyn.  "She could carry on ageing, finish highschool, turn sixteen!"

"It's dangerous though!"  Gwyn warned hoping to get their attention back.

"How?"  Dagon looked her way.

"It's very potent.  Too much and she could wipeout forever, lost with no memories. Or she could lose the ability to ever fall in love again."

Dagon looked at his wife.  "What do you think?"

"I think Gwyn can do it."

"I don't think I should."  Gwyn looked alarmed.  "What if it went wrong?  To never know love would be an awfully long life."

"To have her soul ripped from her body by the death crows would be a far worse fate."  Coralia pointed out.

"There must be another way."  Gwyn pleaded.  "Remember what happened to Talia."

Dagon turned to his wife for an answer.

"She fell into a comma and  could only be woken by a kiss from her one true love."  Coralia answered.  "We don't need to worry.  If she becomes a sleeping beauty we'll just find a suitable man to kiss and wake her."

"Please Coral, you know it's not that easy to undo.  We don't even have an amnesia rose on this side of the realm."  Gwyn tried to reason.

"We do.  I have one."  Coralia stood up.  "And I only trust you Gwyn to do it.  You have been a practicing magi for hunderds of years. Nobody matches your talents.  Please.  You must."

"If you love Lily you will."  Dagon looked fierecly at Gwyn.  "If you don't, you know we will find a more willing magi but they will not be as expereienced and as talented as you."

"Please Gwyn."  Coralia begged.  "We must switch off her powers before she marks someone.  Before the death crows have reason to take her soul."

Gwyn sighed.  She didn't trust another magi to have the ability to use the rose correctly and she didn't want Lily taken from her care.  With regret, Gwyn agreed, "I'll do it."

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