Don't Forget Where You Belong


Autumn-Rose thought she would be having a perfect summer before she had to go off to college. That all changes when the zombie disease takes full affect. When Autumn-Rose stumbles upon One Direction in need of her help, what will she do? Does Autumn-Rose have enough courage and heart left to let people come close to her again, especially after something tragic happens? Is there enough time for the boys and Autumn-Rose to become close? Or will the zombies get them before anything happens at all?


1. Prologue

By day and night, the world looks the same. People act their normal ways and do their daily normal routines. Everything feels… normal. But yet something feels different. Like something small is changing but yet it’s not that noticeable. Something just feels… off.

It is odd.

The world is changing slowly, right underneath our noses.

But not for the better of it.

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