asian girl

an Asian girl who stays in a hotel but what happens when she meets a famous boyband in the elevator?


1. introduction

yesenia POV (yah-sen-e-ah)

hi im yesenia nyuen yeah I know im Asian its because my family Is Chinese and im 21 years old I have a best friend name may but she is in a different college. right now my family is in china for 1 year and im staying in a hotel. I was wearing a pink shirt with a smiley face on it and white skinny jeans. I packed my stuff and drove to the 5 star hotel. as I was driving I saw billions of teenage girls yelling one direction. who the heck is one direction? I went to the front desk and got my key.

as I walked to the elevator these 2 boys came running up to the elevator saying wait let u in. I guess they are famous. I was in the elevator with the 2 boys. "hi im Louis" the one with the striped shirt said. "and Im niall" the blond one said. he has an accent. possibly irish. "im yesenia are you one direction cuz I never heard of you guys." Louis:well there are five o us actually, and theres Louis niall harry liam and zayn. yesenia: ok well u already know my name yesenia nyuen im Chinese and im 21. niall: no way Louis is 21. Louis let out a small blush but the elevator opened, "well nice meeting you 2" Louis; wait! heres my number I hope I see u again I let out a blush then they ran away.

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