Don't Break The Silence

Lance believed he was in paradise with former boyfriend Keith, until he got under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Lance has to learn to cope with that and the abuse he gets. One little mistake changes Lances life forever with a girl named Natile. Number one rule they make
Don't break the silence.


3. Traped

Lance just sat there, with the murder weapons in his hands, almost tramptized. How could this happen? Shouldn't he have noticed any strange suspicions? He noticed the constant drinking at night, but he never did anything really bad. He just begged for sex, or he was just so tired from work, or he was stressed, some type of strong emotion.

Lance worried about that later, his next move was to think about what he was going to do with those weapons. He shouln't let Keith know he knows, otherwise he might put his life on the line. How could he act okay when he knows his boyfriend is drug addict, drunk, cold blooded murder? Is this even his first murder? Or is there multiple? Lance couldnt take it, his head was spinning in all different directions like the world is one big blob, and if you move a muscle you'll be sure to fall inbetween the cracks. He fell in bed, thinking, he felt empty, terrified, broken. Before he could break down and have a glass, or possibly the whole bottle of booze, he heard a car in the driveway, he knew Keith was back. He was on his feet within a minute, panicking. He put everything in the bag, Zipped it back up, and put it back in the place he found it. Looked at the clock and he was late for work. Almost 6 minutes late. He cussed feeling stupid and grabbed his materials, tightened his bowtie, and rushed out the back door so Keith wouldnt notice he was there the whole time.

Even long enough to know his secret.


1:45 and Keith isnt there. Lance had already ordered his coffee and his tuna salad for lunch, they make the salad insted of it already being made. His hands were shaking in fear, he thinks he cant handle looking at Keith in the eye after his discover. How could he do such a thing to his lovley, innocent, grandparents? Just the thought hurts him. At last, Keith arrives, arrives high and possibly a little tipsy. Lance looks at him with disgust.

"Hey baby" He smirks and giggles a little bit, trying to give a hug

Lance stands up and gives him a little side hug while Keith squeezes him and nibbles on his ear a little bit, but Lance backs pushes him off of him.

"What the hell was that for!" Keith excalims, making a scene causing everybody turn around, Lance blushes.

"sit, please"

Keith, embarrassed, sits down slowly, pushes in his chair, and looks at Lance straight in the eyes

"why the hell are you high and tipsy at a quarter till 2 o'clock in the afternoon?"

"I needed it, would you rather me come here all angry and not in the mood to do nothing with you but cuddle an cry and be left alone to die."

Lance eyes widen, and sits up straight.

"no, i wouldnt stand to see you like that. But drugs and alcholhol is not going to save your life, it'll rather kill you."

Keith chuckles, looks at his water and then looks up

"you're right, it will kill me. Maybe that's what I want. To be living the dream, and drink my sorrows and abuse my loved ones to feel powerful, and then die. Die out of the flesh because of a stupid overdose. Just like my parents I will be, just like my parents I will become."

Lance felt his face get hot and tears to his eyes, and he was about to say something nasty until the waitress interrupted and bought them their food. They ate in silence, not even a single glare at each other they did.

*   *  *

As Lance and Keith get dressed for a big party tonight for their friends party, Lance hears something In the bathroom, it sounded like very light weeps, but they spoke enough. Lance runs into the bathroom and there was Keith crying, holding a folder of family pictures

"I killed them... I killed my grandparents. The most lovely people who cared me and brought me to this great place.. I killed them. The police are after me, so many people want me to suffer and die because I killed two innocent people.  I have to hide behind a mask to make sure nobody sees me... the real me. "

Keith reaches under the cabinet to grab a bottle of Vodka, but Lance stops him.

"I know you killed your grandparents.. I.. I saw the knife in the bag. I also saw some personal things, but I still love you. I know the police are after you... but you know, you can do the right thing and turn yourself in. I will be so proud of you... I know you are a good person inside, you just got carried away and turned into something horrible, do the right thing Keith."

Keith looks at Lance in shock, then a rush of heat flows in his body, and he stands up

"you.. you went through my bag??"

Lance feels his heart beating faster by the second, the change in Keith's eyes. From his crystal blue eyes, shimmering like the diamond in the night, turned to a dark grey, force of evil

"Yes.. I did. I did because.. you've been so depressed lately and I saw the bag and I was curious, considering it was so heavy I was curious what it could be, and I opened and there it was."

The rush in Keith's blood was flowing quicker than an average rollercoaster.

He grabs Lance's collar and implants his face into the wall, hitting every pain in Lance's body in shock, sadness, guilt, anger, every bolt blasted through his body when Keith smashed his face into the face, this is what the physical pain feels like about Lance finding out that his boyfriend is a drug addict, emotionally destroyed, alcoholic, abusive monster.

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