We Meet Again.

this is my first. so here it goes

You and Liam have been friends since kindergarten. But when you were 15 Liam moved away. You texted for a while but after a while he stopped texting you...


3. ~Friends~

•Dori's POV•

I got to Liam's house at around 5. I was wearing my Stitch onesie because Liam got it for me for my birthday but it was too big, now it fits:)

I knocked on the door a few times before someone answered. it was Harry. The tall curly haired one. He was kind of cute in his pink onesie.

I giggled a bit. "What are you laughing at Stitch!?" He asked, jokingly. "Oh nothing" I said giggling some more.

I walked in to a nice sized house. I sat on the couch with Harry and waited for everyone else to walk in.

After a few minutes Louis, Niall and Zayn walked in with snacks and soda.

Finally Liam came out, in his pikachu onesie that I got him. I can't believe he still has it!

"Looking good stitch" Liam said laughing. "as do you pikachu" I giggled.

"You still have yours?!" He said. "Well I decided since it didn't fit when you got it for me I should keep it and grow into it!"

he kept laughing.

We all sat down together on the couch and began watching Toy Story. of course Liam's favorite movie ever.

"I still see this is still your favorite movie." I say as I laugh a little.

"At least it's not Princess and the Pauper like yours!"

"Shut up!" I say playfully hitting his arm.

We stare into each other's eyes for a bit.

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