Him (Liam payne)

Rebecca realized a new boy is coming to her school. Nobody ever does so her and her friends are shocked. This boy is different to her. He cares. He cares about the life around him. She becomes closer to him each day wanting to know his deepest secrets and wishes. Will they grow together or fall apart?


2. Him.

I got into his black range rover. Rang rover?! Aren't those cost a lot. Hmm. He smiled at me and started his car. It rumbled and he backed up. 

"So where do you live?" He asked. I almost forgot to tell him that hehe. 

"20 Ponds Ave" I said giving in a friendly smile. 

"Oh! I live a couple streets down!" He said sounding excited. 

"That's cool!" I said copying the same amount of energy. I was honestly happy about that for some reason. Sounds creepy because I only know the guy for not even a day.  

" how do you think of the school" I asked trying to start a conversation. I mentally slapped myself for the stupid question though. 

"I like it especially knowing that one of my best mates is now here." He said proudly. 

"That's good. I'm just happy that graduation is this year." I said while memories flood my mind from the years I've been at Summers Hill- the high school. 

"Ya you have a point haha" he chuckled. "Any ideas for college?" He continued. 

"Actually my dream is to go to college in UK and be a surgeon. I'm hoping that could happen though." I smiled wide. "How bout you?" 

"That's amazing. Me well I don't really know now I always wanted to be an Olympic runner. I got held up a spot but my mum and dad had to move for their job so it was really hard. For now, I honestly don't know what I want to be when I graduate college. Maybe a firefighter. Who knows" he said to me. I nodded. I totally understood that because I was in his position before in junior year thinking of what I could become and what college I would go to and what classes I should take. Now, I've got my mind set on medical school and succeeding in that. 

"We are here" he said pulling up to my house. 

"Thank you" I told Liam. I gave him a smile before I got out of the car. but something held me back. I felt a strong grip on my wrist that made me turn around. 

"Wait. Here's my number just incase if you need anymore rides or homework, I'm gladly to help" he said and handed me a piece of paper that had digits on it. I smiled blushing a bit. Why am I blushing? For goodness sake he's just another boy. I opened the door to be met by daisy, my dog. I'm guessing she's excited that I'm home. Oh! I forgot to text Jules! Dang ill text her now. 

R: Hey Jules I'm so sorry! I meant to text you that I was getting a ride from Liam that new boy.

J: it's fine!!! Olivia saw you going with him ;). 

R: I just met him! Don't assume lol XD

J: I'm not I'm not. Have fun tho X 


oh Julia she's something else. I through my bag on my kitchen counter and sat down on the booth seat. I pulled out my science and history homework for tomorrow. This the only thing I hate about school. Homework. There's no point in it- I think. Ya, I get Straight A's but I don't see the answer to homework. I quickly finished it in less than an hour and grabbed my phone out. I checked my social media, Twitter, Instagram, vine, ect. Do I need a ride tomorrow? I could just walk right? But my fingers sped past my mind and punched in Liam's number and texted him.

R: Hey! It's Rebecca from school! I was wondering, if it's not a problem, if you could pick me up tomorrow? :-)  

he replied almost instantly.

L: hey Becca! Is that alright if I call you that? It fits you ;). Oh and yea definitely not a problem :) X

R: haha yes that's fine! Thanks again :)

L: :) 7:30 ok?

R: Yep! :)

L: :-)

becca? Hmmm I like it. I got out of my seat and went to the fridge for dinner. Chicken..Sandwich..take out...salad..yogurt...fruit. I'm gonna need to buy more food for the rest of the week again, erg. I rummaged through the cold area and found some left over pasta from last night. That's not bad. I microwaved it quickly and grabbed a fork. I scurried to the living room and turned on the television. I decided to watch repeats on pretty little liars for tonight's new episode. 


I finished pretty little liars for tonight and decided to go to bed for the night. I changed into short shorts and and oversized shirt from my brother, Derrick, and plopped onto my bed. I plugged in my phone and threw the covers over me. My mind was racing over this one thing. This one thing that I've only known for less than I flipping day. 

Liam- Him. 

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