Him (Liam payne)

Rebecca realized a new boy is coming to her school. Nobody ever does so her and her friends are shocked. This boy is different to her. He cares. He cares about the life around him. She becomes closer to him each day wanting to know his deepest secrets and wishes. Will they grow together or fall apart?


1. class

The first bell ring signaling the warning bell for first period. I sighed grabbing my books for English and science class. I shut my door with a slam to be met with my two closest friends I have, Julia and Olivia. We've been together since we were five and never been separated. We chattered as we saw late kids coming in who don't give a thing about life. I say Olivia Julia and I are the average kids. We aren't popular neither losers; in the middle i say. We walked in to be met by flying paper balls and talking from the other teens in here. Girls were sitting on too of a desk while the guys sniffed them and swoop them off their feet. But then to be realized to be dumped that day or they day after. Others were talking and others like the nerds had their books out already writing down today's lesson. I took a seat in the middle of the class along with my friends hoping to not be bothered by anyone else in here. I saw Julia leaning in on my right about to say something. "Did you here about the new kid Becky?" she whispered while her strawberry breath made it's way around. I shook my head no and turned to Olivia I asked her the same question and she nodded. She shrugged after and changed the subject about graduation this year. I cannot wait for that day to come already! I want to be in medical school to become a doctor or a surgeon. I'm crossing fingers for a surgeon, but whatever happens happens. I love helping people and caring for them in any way possible. I want to make sure that they will have their lives back and start over again. I want to see them smile everyday because their alive. The second bell rang interrupting my thoughts. I door shut and the whole room went silent. Our teacher, mr baker walked in with his tidy suit and greased hair. His glasses hung on the bridge of his knows, looking as if they are gong to fall off and break but stay their in place every time. "Welcome class, so today we will begin a new lesson in English. Please open up your textbooks to pages 654 and open your notebooks" he said starting to write on the chalkboard. He turned around searching the class for something or someone. His gaze fell upon mine and slightly smiled. "Oh miss Rebecca, will you please go down to the front desk and show the new guest around today? I almost forgot. We set the same classes for you and him too so no worries!" He exclaimed. I gulped down and closed my books and put my pencil in my textbook for the page. I put on a genuine smiled. "Yes of course" I got up from my seat to see everyone starring at me from the corner of my eye. How creepy. I was kind of nervous on meeting "him". Why couldn't it be a girl? I haven't had good memories with boys at all. Something always went wrong and that one thing was they cheated, lied, or played me. I haven't had a relationship for over 3 years now and honestly it's lonely. There's no one to cuddle up to or just lay and forget the world for just a moment. I shook my head and saw I was a couple steps away from the front desk. I fixed up my Aeropostale shirt with my light blue skinny jeans to look presentable. I opened the silver doorknob and smelt peppermint like always. Mrs. Germaine loves peppermint so she has candles and candies everywhere. It's creepy but it smells good. She smiled warmly at me as she say in the old black beat up chair typing away on whatever she had to do. I felt someone's eye son my as I turned my head just a little to the right to be met with the most mesmerizing brown eyes ever. I blushed slightly as he cleared his throat and have me a warm smile. "This is our new student, Liam. He recently moved here from the uk!" Mrs. Germaine said smiling at us. I smiled back and at him too. He stood up making me look ten times shorter. I took the lead and waved goodbye to mrs Germaine and headed back to first period. "Hi I'm Liam" he spoke up turning to me with his hand out. I smiled shaking it putting my small hand in his large one. "Hey I'm Rebecca, nice to meet you" I replied letting go of his warm soft hands. "Same to you."

"When did you move here?" I asked

"About a month ago with my mum and dad." He said. I just noticed his accent and I just melts as the words came out of his mouth.

"We lived in Wolverhampton, England, but my dad's job had to come out here for this client and what not" he said and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Hmm" I said. I wasn't really sure what to really say. We walked down the hall as I showed him different classes until we got back to English.

"Well this is our class now" I said we stopped in front of the door. He smiled with his teeth showing and we stood there awkwardly. "You should tell me about yourself later" he winked and I opened the door.

"Ah students this is our new guest and student, Liam Payne" mr. Baker said grabbing Liam from my side. He pulled up a nervous smile and waved everyone mumbled hellos. Julia and Olivia looked at me smirking. I tried to pretend I didn't see them and look away without laughing. "Thank you Rebecca" he said dismissing me. I nodded going back to my seat.

"Excuse me, Mr. Payne, if you would like please take a seat right behind Rebecca" he said pointing right behind me. Why right behind me? It doesn't mean that I'm showing him around that he has to sit behind me and make me feel ten times nervous. Julia leaned over in my ear again. "He's a keeper" Jules said in a whisper and then giggling loud after. Mr. Baker gave her a hard stare. I rolled my eyes at her writing down the rest of the lesson

"So Rebecca, your turn to tell your story" a deeper voice said behind me. "What's there to know about me?"

"A lot" he said eating the disturbing looking food on his tray.

" Like why does this school have a crappy lunch" he said pushing his tray to the side. I smiled at him. "That wasn't about me but I don't know why." I said taking a bite from my apple and saw Julia and Olivia come over. "How bout your family."

"My family well I have a brother who's in his third year of college in Massachusetts. My mom and dad are on their billionth business trip somewhere in this world. And I have my dog, daisy. She's a golden retriever and my best friend." I said. We kept talking about my favorite things and his favorite things. I didn't realize Julia and Olivia were here all this time. "Oh oh Julia, Olivia, this is Liam. Liam these are my friends Julia and Olivia" I said giving a goofy smile. They waved and we all started talking together. Lunch bell rang and everyone went separate ways besides Liam and I. We had history class, the worst class ever. After that it was my study hall. Then home!

History went by and my study hall Liam was quiet until another guy came over tapping his shoulder. I blonde hair and blue eyes boy was behind him. Liam turned and looked surprised.

"Niall!?" He said giving him a "manly" hug. I looked down at my book and began reading again.

"Oh ya this is Rebecca" Liam said beside me. I looked up and smiled at the blue eyed boy. "Hey I'm niall" he said smiling. He sounded different. Almost Irish. I couldn't really tell I'm not the best at accents. Maybe he's Scottish. "Hi, Rebecca" I said. I book marked my book and joined on their conversations and realized that they were best friends back in England and Niall is from Ireland and came here to California from the same reason Liam came here. The final bell rang for school and I excused myself from them and waved goodbye to the boys. I went down and grabbed my backpack and some of my books for homework tonight. I closed my locker and almost screamed to see Liam right there.

"Hi" I said looking down embarrassed.

"Sorry I scared you haha I came here to say thanks" he said and now he looked down. "For what? For showing you around. That's nothing" I said smiling up at him. "Well ya but I wanted to know if you need a ride home" he said. Julia usually takes me home and we spend the afternoon together for homework. I guess one ride isn't bad. I agreed and he looked really happy. I smiled to myself and we walked down the hall getting smushed by the other kids. We finally exited and he lead the way to his car. I'm getting a ride for somebody I've only known for 8 hours. Let's hope I'm not making a mistake.

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