They Dont Know

This movella is all about things they don't know. Some are quotes and some are just things that are plain and simple.


1. Us

For us Directioners, we love them and think they are perfect. But yes we are their fans therefore they think we love them because we are fans. No. Just no. They don't realize how much more they are to us. They are themselves and don't care what others say or do about it. To us they are perfect. But nobody's perfect you may say? Well to us they are pretty dang close to being everything we want.

Many fans want a chance with them (including me) but we know that we are just fans. But there is this little voice in the back of our heads saying,"there is still a chance. Don't give up."

There was a quote in tumblr that I found and it says,"

You call them gay.

You call them stupid.

You call them untalented.

You call them idiots.

But have you ever realized that they arent just singers, you haters don't see the point in these boys. All you see is the face not the background. All you hear is the music not the lyrics. All you feel to these boys is hate.

But non of you realize that these boys have saved more lives than you ever will. Including mine."

When I saw this I thought it was completely true. Sometimes I know people get picked on for liking certain bands and people but does it really matter? No. What matters is that you enjoy and care about what it is your listening to.

These boys mean a lot to me and millions of other girls and that will NEVER change. Even though they will never know who I am or anything else about me I know that they care because we are the fans. And that's all we will ever be.

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