Brown Haired Beauty

Lindsey Cameron has a soft side that no one sees. Always on watch in her family's castle, Goyle. But when Lindsey looses her mother, everything has changed. Now Lindsey's father, the only one she could talk to, is mysteriously quiet. With no one to turn to, Lindsey leaves her home behind and meets two incredible boys Mason and Keith, new friends who show Lindsey the ropes of life- and love.


1. The Thames

"Twenty Bridges from Tower to Kew,

Wanted to know what The River knew.

For they were young and The Thames was old, 

And this was the tale that the river told."


I set down the book and crawled into bed. As soon as the light went out, my thoughts poured in like visuals in a crystal ball. I always loved that poem. My mother used to read it to me every night when I was a child. It would give me the sweet sensations of the waves crashing against the shore, and make me feel like I could float away from all the secrets and lies around me in my life. 


I was standing in a field of emerald grass. It shone in the sunlight and made my light brown hair shine. When I looked down, I saw that I was wearing a tight red dress that showed my curves well. I spun on my heel and took in my surroundings. The sky was lit up in shades of yellow and red. I looked towards the horizon and saw a silhouette. 


The silhouette of a boy. 


I was too far away to see his face. He seemed very calm and motionless standing there in the sunset. I wanted to walk over to him, but somehow my feet were stuck like glue. When I tried to call out to him, my voice cracked. I felt hopeless as he turned and walked away towards the sunset. 

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