Reality and it's mystery

Have you ever felt like life and the people are just boring, like not even wanting to try? Well I have, every single day. I don't like the idea of being used however that's how the world works. I know now that it's the good people who do not make it in society. The one ps who always get what they want and always make it big are the ruthless the ones who use people to get what they want.


1. Prologue

        Life. Has anyone ever stop and think about life? Family and friends what's the meaning of having them? I'm loosing my grip on reality bit by bit. I stop to think more than I should and I've com to know that in life every person lies and back stabs, betrays and use each other, so why can't i? I hate people who are fake but I know that I'm fake as well why is that? I already know the answer but perhaps the rest of you may not. I have lost interest in other people, people who arnt unique and only copy the rest. My goal is to become as mean as possible to train my body to its upmost limit, in other words become strong, smart, and look good.

         Everyone looking at me with pity always avoiding me and talking behind my back. This won't go long for ever though so I no longer care, however just as any other person I dislike being humiliated. Some day soon I will make people fear and envy me, I will say everything people are to afraid to say and do what others can't do. I noticed everyone's mask and how to take them of its simple yet difficult in a way. The mask represents fake, fake attitude, fake feelings, fake personality, anything to hide the face of the real person behind the mask. I will use all of this to my advantage, using people isn't what I like however I rather use then be used myself by some one els. I'm hoping i can find my other half, love before I go through these changes caused by hatred.

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