Lesbian Lynna ❤️

Lynna is a Lesbian DIRECTIONER!!!! She is in love with both but in the end.... Will her bf or gf win? Find out in Lesbian Lynna ❤️


2. Do you Love Me?

I scrolled through my phone as my mother was cooking me my bacon. I'm Lynna, ( LIN- ah) Lynna Everdeen. Hunger Games, Am I right? Haha just kidding. I love my life. If I had to describe my life in one word it would be Spoiled. Now at this point you would think that I'm all OMG RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS,You might as well just go die in a hole !!!!! In fact.....I'm Lesbian. So no . No unicorns . I have a sexual pull to other women. I meeting a blind date ( a girl ) after breakfast. " ready dear" my mom cleared my thoughts. "Oh wow mom" I stared down at a full pack of bacon lying before me on a plate. " do you love me ? " I asked mom. " of course Lynnie , why would you ask that? " she replied in a rather startled voice. " Becauseeee you gave me a plate full of bacon " ' and...?' Mom said. " mom if you loved me you wouldn't be trying to turn me into a marshmallow. Like a jumbo sized one with bacon inside. If you keep feeding me like this, I will be Frying in that pan in no time!" I replied. In a rather large tone at the end."haha babe, it's Saturday, and isn't that what teens do?" I guess mom."I said back and then started picking at my bacon. " hey don't be picky missy or you will be put in this pan by tommorow!!" I smirked at my mother. Then started being more picky to get on her nerves. ' Ugh!" She mumbled. HAHAHHA. I thought in my head to bad for her.

Heyyyyyyyy !

Like my story so far!!! Read along to find out who Lynnas date is! Will it backfire and not be a girl? ( don't worry 1D is coming around chapter 5) * SEXUAL CONTENT AHEAD*

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