You & I

Lana Brown never knew love her father was a drunk, her step mom beat her, and her two step sisters made fun of her. No one liked her in this small town of Haven, Connecticut. All that changed when Lana moved to Holmes Chapel, England to go to the Acadamy of Performing Arts. That is where she met Harry Styles and all that love she never had was about to change.


5. Valentine's Day

   We had off on Valentine's Day it was sad for me because I had no one to spend it with. Perrie had invited me to a Valentine's Day Party. "Hey Perrie one problem I don't have any dresses at all." I said looking down at the ground. "No problem we can go to the mall c'mon let's go" Perrie said. Before I could say anything else I was being dragged by the arm by Perrie. We went to the Manchester Mall which was pretty big in Haven we had no malls only consignment shops, which kind of sucked well I guess that's what you get for living in a small town. So we walked in and no lie it was bigger inside than it was outside and the outside was huge. I enjoyed hanging out with Perrie she was energetic and I just needed to be around someone like that because it made me happy. I've spent my whole life trying to please others and I was never making myself happy. "Perrie how about this one" I said picking a strapless tight red dress with a sequined heart belt. "That would look cute on you but this one would look cuter." Perrie said picking up a strapless sequined red dress. "See this is why I love you girly." I said with a smile. "Go try it on go! now." She said handing me the dress and literally shoving me into the dressing room. "Okay I'm going." I said going into the dressing room. I got on the dress on and got out of the dressing room Perrie looked at me and said "Okay that's the one." I said "I agree but what are we going to do about my make up, shoes and hair my hair. My hair is literally impossible to style." She just smiled and said don't worry about it just leave me to every thing else, okay?" I said worried about how she said that "Okay?." I picked out a dress for Perrie. "O.M.G This dress is so cute I love it and in my size Lana, girl you have a gift of style." She said smiling at me. We went to Sephora then to Rac-Room-Shoes. We finally got back to our dorm. "Okay hold sill Lana alright?" she said while I sat with a curling iron to my head. "Okay Perrie Berry" I giggled. She said back to me "Okay Lanahontas I am done now time for your make up." Perrie said picking out bright red lipstick, black mascara, black liquid eye liner, smoky eye shadow kit, a lip brush, clear lip-gloss, and glitter eye shadow covering. I finally look at my self in the mirror and I can barely recognize myself. I can't help but smile. "thank you Perrie so much you are an amazing friend. I mean it." I said turning around facing Perrie. "Your welcome but we better get going if we want to beat the boys." She said smiling. "Let's go." I said smiling. We finally got to the club and we beat the boys and my favorite song was on "I'm felling myself oh my god this is my song." I said going on the dance floor as I started to dance I saw Harry and the guys show up so I went to the DJ and requested them to play Shakira Hips don't Lie. So they played the song when I requested it. I showed off my 20% Latino hips to Harry. I looked his way and he noticed me I think because he was looking my way while talking to Perrie. I don't think he knew it was me because his jaw kind of dropped when Perrie pointed at me. I walked over to them and smiled at Harry and  said confidently "Let's dance Harry." I grabbed his hand and led us to the middle of the dance floor because Rihanna and Shakira was on. I felt like we were in dirty dancing but a modern version because we were kind of grinding and doing the mambo at the same time. She Wolf came on and every one got on the floor and I got up and asked for a microphone from the DJ. "Hey Perrie I gotta go I have a huge test tomorrow is there any way some one who is not drunk can drive me?" I said with a giggle. "I can drive you Lana, I don't drink anymore since i got out of rehab for a drinking problem so I'll drive you." Harry said taking my hand. Me and Harry walked over to his car. He pushed me against the car and began to kiss me. As he kissed me I put my hand down his pants letting him know I wanted to fuck him he looked at me as I bit my lip. We got in his car and drove to his flat room he had no roommate so that was a plus. As he opened the door he looked at me as we began to kiss again and this time we gave each other tounge. He lifted me up on the counter, picked me up, and carried me to his room. I took off his shirt and that revealed his tattoos which made him look even hotter. He unzipped my dress as he did this he licked his pointer finger and index finger and went underneath my thong and went in and out over and over again. While he did this he kissed my neck which made me moan louder than I already was. He then reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I took off my underwear and put on a condom and we fucked. I then fell asleep as he whispered "Happy Valentine's Day Love."

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