Chan-sa (angel)

he loved a girl, she loved him.

He realized how much he loved her where there was a car crash and she didn't make it out Alive.

Bottle after bottle of soju he spent most of his time missing her.

The only thing left of the girl was her diary.

The only thing left for him was his best friend jazzie.

"So your telling me that these people in your head are trapped?"

"There not real people, they come to me in dreams. They help me let go"

Letting go doesn't always help.....

"He had a gun to his head"

Standing on the edge of the bridge, it was to late.


Flashing lights appeared

"Everybody step away from the bridge, there's nothing to see here"


1. Ch -1-

Soft pink lips, smooth pale skin, I felt the blankets sweep across my legs.

My eyes snapped open as a loud beeping sound filled the room.

I looked over the clock read '10:07' 

My eyes went wide and I was tired anymore "I'm late!" I yelled, I got up pulling on jeans and a hoddie as I rushed out to my car.

I put in the keys and twisted them, the engine roared and I pulled out of the drive way.

'This is the third time this week!' I thought 

I told my self I would make it on time but knowing me personally, I knew it was a lie.

I sighed as I stopped at a red light "why" I whined tossing my head back.

I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel as the light turned green.

I sighed in relief and pulled up at the bus stop where my girl friend remi sat, her big blue eyes sparkled and her soft brown hair blew in the wind, she stood up walking around the car getting in.

"Oppa..." She said 

"I know I know I'm late again I'm sorry Rem" I said 

She sighed "let's get you a louder alarm clock she said.

I nodded and took her hand lacing our fingers together. I kissed the top of her hand and smiled "I'll make it up to you I promise" 

"Pinkie Promise?" She said 

I nodded "pinkie promise" 

She smiled "isn't today just a beautiful day oppa?" 

I nodded the sky was a crystal blue, the clouds where pure white and slowly drifted around in the sky.

"Where having a dance off with lake field in a few days, would you come?" She asked

"Of course I will" I said 

"By then you'll have your new alarm clock" she said as I pulled up outside the dance studio 

"Ill text you later oppa" she said 

I nodded and smiled "I'll come get you later, maybe we can go out and do something" I said 

"Sounds great, I love you!" She said waving 

I waved back as she closed the door and I head off down the street I smiled at the thought of her in my mind, she was perfect in every way, curvy in all the right ways, smart. 

I smiled and pulled back into my drive way, I walked up the cobble stone path way and opened the front door

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