Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


14. Meeting Louis's GF x Lily

I was getting ready for my job , if you thinking where I work I am applying to be a model I went to have a quick shower and  I dried myself off and  chosen this to wear for applying to be a model : 

I went downstairs , but I don't live with anyone else I love on my own , OH I didn't see you , sorry to be rude well I introduce myself to you then : 


Name : Lily Richards


Age : 19


Personality : Caring  , Outgoing , confident and funny


Hobbies : Reading , Biking , Basketball and Listening to music


Eye Colour : Blue


Hair Colour : Dirty Blonde


Favourite Colour : Purple or Green


Favourite boy-band/singer : One Direction (DUH)


Well that's everything about me , I got into my car and it is a red Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 this is how my car looked like : 

I went inside and starting driving where my assistant told me to drive because she gave me the address and I was looking it for it everywhere and I searched it on my GPS and finally it told me where to go because over the years this shit wouldn't work.


**Skip Car Ride**


I arrived at a huge building and I looked at the note and it said be on time before 6:30 and I looked at the time and it read 6:15 pm , I rushed inside but carefully with my heels and , I saw some 5 boy's and a girl with with brown reddish hair , I walked past them and I just figured they are 1D OMG , Ok I need to calm down and I just walked past them and I saw Louis starting and licking his lips. 


I knocked onto soon to be my boss for the model , I went in and sat down and he said " Hello Lily , I looked at your collage and universality application and I say you did well and well done I am your boss Mr.Walker and congratulations for being the best model so please sign here and here and ever else please".  


I signed everyone that I could find the signature box and I shaked his hand I left the build and went home , I was already tired being in there nearly all day wow , I got in and I put the room up on my car and got changed into my pyjamas that looked like this : 






A/N Hey guys , so I hope you enjoyed this chapter



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