Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are demi gods (children of gods and mortals ) but what if they had other powers too. read to find out about their adventures.


1. Going to Hogwarts

sorry for any spelling mistakes


Annabeth and I just destroyed two evil half-bloods and ran when four people came out of nowhere. They turned and we saw them pull out sticks. "What in the world? "I said to Annabeth. "I have no idea what they are."said Annabeth."Well I guess we should fight them." I said.We pulled out our swords and got ready to fight. They said something I couldn't catch and we felt a tugging sensation. When the tugging stopped we were in a castle.Some lady in a nurse outfit was checking for wounds said "Welcome to Hogwarts I am madame Pomfry." "You should probably go see Dumbledore." she said."One question what is Hogwarts." I asked. "Hogwarts is a school for witchcraft and wizardry," she said "but you will learn about that when you go to see Dumbledore you should probably go see him now."


We wandered around for three hours when we finally found a student with black hair and green eyes with a lightning scar on his forhead he said his name was Harry, Harry Potter. He also said that he knew where Dumbledore's office is. He lead us there and said Sherbert lemon and the door opened. He said he had to go to the feast. I asked how we got here. He said "that we got side along apparation here to Hogwarts." "Also that if we were hungry we could go to the feast and sit wherever we want and if anyone asks we are transfer students."I decided to sit with Harry as he was the only person I knew here. I also met a guy named Ron and a girl named Hermione who I think is nice but Ron thinks is annoying and bossy.


I asked Harry "where are the cheese burgers." "The cheese what ?"asked Harry. "Cheese burgers. "I said."Oh okay."said Harry. "Hey Annabeth." "Yes Percy." said Annabeth ."Where are we going to sleep." "We can ask Dumbledore after the feast."(In Dumbledore's office) "Dumbledore it's almost six and we still have no idea how to get home." "You can stay here in the gryffindor first year dorms boy dorms on the left girl dorms on the right."



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