She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


15. I upset him...

Alex's POV

I woke up at my normal time and saw Perrie standing there. Her blonde hair was up in a high ponytail and she looked really pretty. I rubbed my eyes. "Hey" She said. "Morning" I mumbled. I lay there in my bed until she physically pulled me out. "Fine i'm getting ready.." I said.

I went to the bathroom and had a shower. After the quick, hot shower i got ready and went in my room. I did my hair and makeup and then checked my phone. On my lock screen was a text from Jai. I smiled at it and yawned.

From Jai: Good morning..You awake? x

I replied this:

Yeah what about you? xx

From Jai: I can't be bothered going to school..You get ready, text you later xx

Aww could he get any cuter! I was smiling and re-reading the texts that we sent to each other when Perrie took my phone off me. She knew who i was texting and she's my best friend so i have to nothing to hide from her. "Awwww thats like soo cute.." She said, pulling my cheeks. I blushed a little. I got my bag and walked to school. Today was going to be a good day.

We walked to school and i was standing outside with Perrie. Zayn came over to us and whispered loudly, "How was you romantic walk with Jai then?" I laughed and he must've understood me. The bell rang and we walked in.

I sat next to Claire in form. Her hair was curly and she was twisting it around her finger. "Claire, you look great. Do you want your hair even more curly?" I joked. She just laughed. I've not seen her happy like this since she was with Alex. I went on and told her about yesterday and Jai. She was a great listener and talker. She wanted to know all the details and everything. She was a great friend. Niall came over to us.

"Hey Niall." I said. "Hey" He said in his irish accent. "Are the guys annoying you?" I asked. "Yeah so i came over here to talk to you.." He said. I could seen Zayn and Louis laughing at Niall, pointing at him and laughing nearly close to tears. We talked to Niall until the bell went. Claire got to know him alot better. I saw the way Claire looked at him in to his eyes, just the same way that every person looks at their loved ones. I needed to set them up.

The first lesson was maths. I was next to Louis and we just talked all the way through. He was a crazy guy like all i could do was laugh. But he had a soft side for Eleanor which was really cute.

The second lesson was faster than the first. I did all the work and just sat there talking to everyone.

Then it was break. Me and Perrie were waiting out of Eleanor's lesson. The teacher was scolding the whole class. I saw Zayn get up, looking really annoyed. Following him was Harry. He wore a black t-shirt which made him look like a bad boy. They both opened the door and slammed it behind them. I guess they walked out. Me and Perrie broke into fits of laughter.

One by one the teacher let the good pupils go to break. Eleanor was one of the first ones. We went in to the canteen to chill but the bell went when we sat down in less than 5 minutes. Thats annoying.

On the way to the next lesson, i told Eleanor about me and Jai. Perrie let out loads of awws while i was explaining. We were all in the same lesson and on the same table so it was going to be fun.

Our table had all our mates on so it was going to be a great lesson. I was next to Claire and next to Perrie. Everyone came in and the talking began. "So today in form, Niall was saying the most random things." Louis began. Zayn and Louis began to laugh at Niall who pulled a upset but funny face. "Oh what happened Zayn? You were so angry before.." I said and me and Perrie started laughing. "W-What?! You weren't there, were you?" He asked. "Yeah we were both there." And we started laughing again.

After the teacher assigned us some work, we talked. We had to colour so one by one we started getting colours. It was only me, Louis and Niall on the table and the rest were sharpening and picking colours but they were mostly talking to each other.

"So how's you and Harry?" He asked and winked. I was annoyed. Louis was a really nice, funny crazy person but then when he kept asking something he didn't know about, he annoyed me. I just pretended to not hear him. He repeated it again and Harry came to the table and sat down. I got up and went to the bin to pretend i was sharpening.

"Perrie, Louis' keeps repeating things about me and Harry.." I said in a soft but annoyed tone. "Just ignore him.." She said and gave a sympathetic look.

I went over to the table pretending that nothing happened and everyone was there. As i was sitting down, Louis said the same thing again to me again. He didn't really care. I got more and more annoyed.

"Alex, your not answering me..Whats up with you and Harry? Anything interesting?" He said. I heard a few chuckles and i knew there were eyes watching me.

I shot up not caring about anyone staring at me. I had enough. "You don't know anything.." I hissed at Louis. Every one was looking directly at me but i was still looking at Louis. I might as well warn them all because they don't want to cross my limits. "I'm with someone if you don't know.." I said. He looked at me wide mouthed and i saw a couple of people looking at me like that. They had confused looks. But then i realised i made a big mistake. A pair of green eyes were still staring at me with different emotions in his eyes. I turned to look at his confused, shocked expression. I think my heart must've skipped a beat. I shouldn't have said that. Tears began to fill my eyes and i couldn't hold them back. I ran out of the room and in to the girls bathroom.

Questions and thoughts in my head. Why did i say that? I just broke his heart. I should've kept the anger in and shouldn't have said anything.

I couldn't stop crying. The door opened and there was Perrie. She hugged me and told me that everything would be okay. I knew it wouldn't. Nothing would be okay. All because of me.

I tried to wipe away the tears but more started falling out. "I-I shouldn't have said that. I-I j-just broke his heart.." I said, forcing the words out of my mouth. "It weren't your fault.." Perrie said.

I managed to stop crying. But i still felt really guilty. A guy that liked me and was the most nicest, down to earth guy i've met found out that i'm with someone else. What a heart breaker i am.

I looked in to the mirror and started crying again. What a horrible person i am? I remembered all the conversations we had and what good friends we were but... Now we'll never be the same.. I'm so stupid.

I saw that in the mirror that i looked a mess. Perrie opened her bag and took out the makeup wipes. She tried to sort me out. I ended up hugging her. "Perrie, why did i have to break Harry's heart? Now we'll never be the same again.." "No no..Everything will be back on track..Don't worry.." She said. Luckily those words seemed to have calmed me down.

She did my makeup and sorted out the redness on my face eventhough i had refused a number of times. I hugged her again and thanked her for helping me and being such a nice friend.

I walked in to the class not wanting to. I saw the people on my table staring at me. "Are you feeling better?" The teacher asked. Before i could open my mouth to ask what she was on about and Perrie quickly answered, "Yeah miss, she's feeling better than before.." "Good.." She said and walked away.

"What was that about?" I asked. "Well, obvs i had to give a reason why you quickly ran out so i said that you felt sick and i needed to go and help you.." She explained. I let out an aw and sat down. I ignored everyone staring at me but i wanted to look at how Harry was whether he was okay or not or if i hurt him badly. I looked up at him and saw that he was looking at me. Those beautiful green eyes were looking at me. I gave a small, apologetic smile not knowing what to say or do and looked away...

The rest of the day went quick. I was relieved at that. I went to Perrie's after school. I got a text from Jai on the way.

From Jai: Can we meet up tonight? Maybe i can take you out? x

I showed Perrie the message. I didn't want to say anything. The last thing i wanted was to break up with him. I had to sort things out with Harry. I couldn't keep this guilt in me. I decided to reply to Jai just in case he started doubting things. I confirmed the text with Perrie just in case.

This is what i wrote: Sorry, won't be able to tonight. Need to sort something out with a friend. Sorry maybe next time :) xx

I know i weren't lying to him because what i am going to do is sort something out with someone and that person is Harry...

Author's Note: Do you guys like the story so far? I need to know because noone bothers to comment..There's about 80 or more reads which is great but only 20 favourites which is a bit worrying. Please please please comment down for any improvements or if you like it.. I know the first chapter is a bit messed with the pov switches but i hope the rest of the chapters are fine... Thanks for reading & byeeee x

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