What if...

Alice in Wonderland was a murder story?

If you only know one side of the story?

If all the facts you don't know come together right now?

Alice, Alice, sat at her window
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, she went into her kitchen
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, opened the cupboard
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, heard voices in her head
She went out to the yard, and listened to the voices
And she fell into Wonderland.
Blood is what she got.


1. Prologue

Alice sat at her window, looking outside at the gardens, and white roses and bushes and beauty. Then back at her finger her wedding ring on it. Forced into marriage was making her angry. She opened the window and yelled outside to her mother: "Come in! Im making dinner!"

Her mother wandered inside, not expecting a thing. Alice slipped into the kitchen and opened the cupboard, about to grab a knife. Then, the voices told her just go outside, wander to the tree with a rabbit inside. The rabbit would tell her he's running out of time, then jump into a hole right under the tree! Alice was amazed at this fun expedition. The voices always led her some where fun. She hurried outside and did as the voices said. She found the rabbit, and briskly followed it to the tree.

"Im late! I'm late! For a very important date! Running out of time, I might become a mime!" Js said, and right then and there a hole appeared at the bottom of the tree. Alice hopped in, just like the voices told her to. She was in for a wild ride.

Thats it!! Hope you enjoyed the Prologue, feedback, likes, favorites, etc. are encouraged and rewarded!!

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