Imagine waking up and finding out that this whole life had been a dream. You have a different life, your someone else...But when the dreams becomes reality, who can you trust?


2. the list of my life

Where should I begin? Hundreds of episodes all tainted blood-red...From the start till now, the end, I will state each and every thing that has happened to my family and I in this world and what happened before in the other world. I shall list them out, in such a way that it shall present itself as your contents - the way encyclopaedias and like did it in the old times.


Romeo & Juliet:

The actual ending

Destiny's child

Civil blood

 Hell's Angels

A blank page

A stolen gift

The lone remains  

The bird in the meadow  

The wind that whispers 

Rainbows and unicorns

The End






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