Preachers daughter

Annie Thompson (played by selena gomez) is just a regular country girl in a small town were she sings in her fathers church and can't get away with anything because her father is the preacher.Harry styles is a famous boy band member from London who comes to her town on his break because his mom and stepdad moved there while he was gone. What will happen when these two fall in love?


1. a new member of the church

I walked into church as always everyone told me how beautiful I looked in my white dress with cowgirl boots and my long curled hair. Then I saw some new faces. I walked over to the couple sitting in the back corner by them selfs. "Hi I'm Annie I'm lead singer and preachers daughter of this church I just thought since I haven't ever seen u before so I just wanted to say hello and welcome to our church." I smiled and shook there hands. I know it might seem like I'm b doing this on my own but I'm not I could feel my dad staring into my back practically telling me to go over there. "Hello I'm Anne and this is my husband and my son should be here soon but thank you for coming to see us we just moved here and don't know anyone but ur father came to out house yesterday and said hello and invited us today." I nodded and something poped into my brain "well since u don't know anyone why don't you come to over and sit by me I always sit alone and I really need some company." They smiled and nodded and we walked over to were I sit and they sat down. "Well I have to go up there but y'all have a nice time."

I walked up to the stage which I never really like to do but I have to so I do it. I did the normal told everyone to stand sing along yada yada yada. Then came offering were I had to pick a new song and sing it alone which I hated doing. I started to sing angle by your side. In the middle of the song I Hurd the door slam I looked up while singing and saw a guy with curly hair just staring at me while I sang once I got done he broke eye contact and walked to were Anne was singing. I smiled as everyone clapped and walked to the spot I was sitting with Anne. As I sat down Anne said "you have an amazing voice" I laughed and said thank u and we my dad started talking I cepted on looking at the boy I don't know why.

After church Anne interduced me to her son. "Annie this is Harry my son." We shook hands and I excused my self. As I started walking away I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around and it was Harry. "Umm sorry u for got ur purse." I laughed "thank u vary much I have no Idea what I would do with out this." I started to walk away again but who I'm guessing is harry grabbed my waist and turned me around to face him. He was inches from my face "you are an amazing singing. Have u ever thought of singing like as a job?" I shook my head did a flirty smile and walked away leavening him there. I knew that I would see him soon.

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