Pink eyes

A story about love and fear


1. Love at first sigt... Or bite!

Today is one of those days that you don't have time to do your math homework because you have to go to a band performance and you can't back out because you are the most popular band in your hole school. Ha ha ha. I am so funny! I would never not do my homework. My band is not popular at all. The band is not really a band. It is just a group of nerds who play classical music. It was also just a practice. As usual, one of the band members asked me before midnight: "Hey Adam, are you gonna come with us?" as usual, I awnsered: "You guys can go. I need to pack my stuff. I'll leave soon" They left without me because they know that when I say soon it means about an hour. I was about to leave but I heard the most beautiful classical music (You do not know how much classical music I listen to) I am still going to go there no mater who is there, I will remember them forever. Now I am on my way to the gym and I am sweating my face off! I know it is just me but I feel like the music is getting louder like the music wants me to come to it. When I put my hand on the doorknob  and twisted it, I realized that it was locked. So as I peaked through the key hole, I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She was whering a white dress, she had a pink scarf, and she danced with her beautiful eyes closed. (Whell, I don't actually know if they are beautiful or not, her eyes where closed.) So beautiful, as beautiful as a ghost. I waited for her to get out, but I stayed there until the morning when the bell rang. I looked up to the students, but when I looked back, she was gone... So today was different than all the other days in my life. For once, I could not concentrate during class because all I was thinking of was the girl of my dreams. She means everything to me and I would never stop thinking about her. I know that it sounds like something a kid that hates school would do, I SLEPT DURING A CLASS. But when I slept during class, I had a nightmare that the girl of my dreams was attacing me. Dreams and nightmares can me sooooooooo fake. I got ditension. I bet my parents would kill me if I even got an A- and not an A+. What are thy gona do to me now? Maybe kike me out of the house. Or worse... Maybe give me a long talk! Another nightmare has come to life!!! Today I am still going back to the gym to wach my love dance tonigt. I wish it would be in the ball room dancing with ME. What am I talking about? Why would a girl like her ever like a guy like me? Even if that is a fact, it will not stop me from liking HER. But you never know, maybe I do have a chance with my girl. Ya to all the guys out there, SHE IS MINE. I just hope that she is not gonna turn out to be a prank to embarrass myself ppin front of the school. Though I am kind of used to that. I am a nerd, and I know I can not change that. But if I was able to, I would totally take the chance. Anyways, my last class just ended so I am gonna head to band practice and then, I can go see the person I have been thinking of all day (and nigt). I am now wondering what my parents are thinking write now. Like, they don't even care if their child is missing. What kind of parents are they? Now that band practice is over, I can go "peek" inthe gym. She is so beautiful! She is doing the most beautiful thing again. The only difference between this time and last time was that this time she was closer to me. I also stayed all nigt here but this time she left when I blinked. Very mistirous... So as usual, the day passed by. But lucky for me, I was able to pay attention in all of my classes and I did not sleep once! But I have to admit, I am really tiard. The third day is usually when the scientists figure out their invension. So I am guessing that today I will find out if the girl of my dreams actually likes me. Or even better, is in love with me. On the way to the gym, I promised myself to not stay over nigt because I seriously need some sleep. So today, when I peeked through the key hole, I could not see her. All I saw was pink. She probably put her scarf on the door knob because she realized  that I was looking at her. I still sat there waiting for her to take her scarf of but she would not take it off. I was so frustrated, I even went to the principle's office. And asked about my true love: "Hey pincible P.! Their is this girl I need to know about. She dances in the gym at midnight until the morning when she she suddenly disappears. I just really need to meet her." He surprisingly awnsered me: "The girl in the gym?! I though it was a leagent, but it is actually true. You have to stay away from the girl Adam. She         
will bite. That is why you have a scratch on your face. She is also a special ghost because she has pink eyes. If you stare into one of her eyes, you fall in love. So, did you look into one of the eyes?" I awnsered in a shy way "Ye.. yes." He is still awnsering. Man this guy has a big mouth. "You are in a lot of trouble." Few! He did not talk a lot. For once...

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