When in France

Sequel of Love Story.The story continue,After 7 years without seeing Harry ,Rinad is still in love with him . And every time she see him on the t.v,she cries but very happy for him, so what will happen next?????


2. I'm an Idiot

*****In France*****

Rinad's p.o.v

''Wow, this hotel is SO beautiful.'' I told Sara and Yara. ''Yeah, I love it, truly it is AMAZING.'' Sara told me. 

There are a lot of screaming girls in the hall (some of them look like they've come off the front cover of a magazine), they began to run in the direction of the entrance of the hotel, while continuously screaming ''One Direction!!!''. As stupid as I was I didn't know that they were coming here, to France, for their tour. ''Niall!!!'' Sara began to run with the other millions of girls to see Niall. I was standing in front of the elevator not moving a muscle  ''No no no, I can't see Harry again after 7 years, I will stand here until they go to their rooms.'' I said to Yara.

Yara's p.o.v

She's an idiot.... and  completely stupid, she is standing in front of the elevator and they are coming to take the elevator, but I won't tell her because I want her to reunite with Harry.

Rinad's p.o.v 

''Why are they coming towards us?'' I asked Yara freaking out a bit. ''You idiot, you're standing in front of the elevator, what do you think WHY are they coming towards you?'' Yara was getting angrier by the minute. I hadn't thought of that and the minute I tried to move away, they saw me.

Harry's p.o.v 

Niall was standing there surrounded by fans then he decided he's going to take pictures with some fans so he did. As I said earlier, Niall was taking pictures with fans when Sara showed up out of the blue. he was very happy and ignored all the fans and started flirting with Sara I couldn't stand them being happy and me just standing there being miserable, so I went to Sara and asked her ''Is Rinad with you?''

''Yeah, Rinad and Yara are here too, somewhere in the hall.'' she replied too busy concentrating on Niall.

''Thanks, I'll go and see what she's up to.'' I replied and walked off, a bit happier than before.

When I entered the hall, I spotted her and Yara standing in front of the elevators. she was just about to walk off, so I quickly ran over to her and stood there ''Hi.'' I began, with hands in pockets, not knowing what to say really.

''Hey Harry, how are you?'' she asked, blushing.

''Good, but until now I was devastated I missed you too much.'' I replied near crying.

''I missed you more than you think, I can't believe you're standing here in front of me after 7 years.'' she told me and her eyes began to well up with tears. ''I know and I want to tell you, that I still love you as much as before.'' I said with tears in my eyes.

''I know that you did and all, but we can't just rush into a relationship like that.'' she replied smiling through her remaining tears.

''I know that too, but can we start like friends and then see what's going to happen?'' I asked her excited.

''Yeah, of course, that's what we're going to do! Come here give me a hug I've missed you!" she said crying with joy. Of course without thinking, I went over to her and cuddled her in a big bear hug.

''Hello?? I'm here too, you know!?'' Yara said. ''OH, I am sorry Yara I missed you too." I gave her a small hug.

When I turned around, the boys and Sara were coming our way. ''Rinad, I missed you so much and I missed you too Yara.'' Louis yelled in happiness, and they all gave each other hugs.

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