When in France

Sequel of Love Story.The story continue,After 7 years without seeing Harry ,Rinad is still in love with him . And every time she see him on the t.v,she cries but very happy for him, so what will happen next?????


1. Surprise Party

Rinad's p.o.v.

Today it's my 20th birthday, I am going to be an adult after all this time. I know all of you are asking what happened with me and Harry. I haven't seen him for 7 years, but of course I always see him on the television. I am really comfortable with my life. I am at the college of my dreams and still living with my Mum and sister. Do you know what's weird? Sara is still talking to Niall. Now, I am going to the college, and when I return I will just have a lazy day with my family.

Harry's p.o.v

''Niall, stop eating my food! Eat your own, it's on your plate!'' I yell. I am really happy with my life, but I will never be happy in my relationship because there's only one girl that I am still in love with....Rinad. I hope Rinad is happy. Oh and I forgot to say that me and the boys are going to our sixth tour and this month we will go to France, I love Paris.

''I finished my food, I want yours.'' Niall told me while his phone rang.

''Who's this?'' I ask. '' It's Sara, man'' he replied while texting busily on his phone. 

''What Sara, is that Rinad's friend? You still talk to her? Why didn't you ever tell me about it???'' I asked him very angry.

''Yes, she's Rinad's friend, and so what? I've at least been talking to her for 7 years unlike you and Rinad! Plus you never asked me anyways.'' Niall replied still texting.

''Ok, what did she say?'' I asked getting more curious by the minute.

''Her and Rinad's family, are having a surprise party for Rinad's 20th birthday.'' Niall replied.

''Oh..'' that's all I managed to say.  

Rinad's p.o.v

It's been a long 6 hours of my life, and I know you're thinking why I returned from the college and that there are rooms for the college students, so I will answer saying that in Egypt the college is school, we return home every day and today is the last day in this term.

When I entered our house, all the lights were off. ''SUPRISE!!!!'' everyone screamed. I nearly had a heart attack but, I'm still  really happy .

****Skip The Birthday Party****

Now it's the time for me to open all my wonderful presents, so I'm really excited!

''Rinad, we know that now you're an adult and you always have been dreaming to go to France.'' my Mum began to talk, and my eyes were wide open.''So, we bought 3 tickets for you, Sara and Yara to go to France and have fun there.'' my Mum said. At that moment, I gave her the biggest hug ever existed while saying ''Thank you, thank you, thank you Mum!!! You're the best Mum in the whole wide world!!!'' I screamed because I was REALLY happy.

''I am going to France, I am going to France! Yay! Wait up France, here I come!'' I said giggling hard while everyone joined in.



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