Vegas lights


1. sin city

 "Where the villan spend the weekend the deepend  where swimming with the sharks until we drown"

Dad: why is she screaming?

Mom: UGHHH ARE YOU  KIDDING  ME!!! how do you not know its that panic! band she likes 

Dad; honestly I don't pay attention! but she never sings why now?

Lilly; Daddy where in las vegas and the song is "vegas light" so she said she was going to sing it all
day please don't let her! shes going to ruin my hearing 
Dad; ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT LOGAN!!!! please thats enough singing 

Logan:But dad where in vegas i mean why not sing "vegas lights" in vegas its perrfect!!! please its panic! new album you have to let me sing 

Dad: UGHHHH how about i play it in the car until we get to the hotel okay? but no singing 

Logan:WHAAAAt BUT BUT WHAT its my song dad please in beging you like i can't dance so i have to sing Dad please its not fair 

dad; life isn't fair take it or leave it??

Logan; fine fine you win 

dad; maybe ill let you play some other songs 


dad;i said maybe okay clam down alright 

I just nodded

so I'm Logan a 15 years old girl. I have dark brown hair its kinda sun kissed. Anyways I'm kinda short and have a thing for bands nooo no not boy bands bands like pop punk, punk bands. Like Nevershoutnever!, panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots, fall out, paramore , mayday parade,the ready set, forever the sickest kids, cute is what we aim for and ect. My family and I are visting veags for thanks giving we have a cousin here her name is Rose  my parents and little sister will be staying at a hotle and i will stay with my cousin and her roommates hahaha its more like  a getaway from logan but whatever i love my cousin and i heard her room mates like my type of music.WE will al be going to the "save rock and role" concrert fall out boy , Panic! at the disco and twenty one pilots wahoooooooooo!


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