Just A Random Book

This book is full of quotes, jokes, stupidity, and just plain weird/randomness. All made up by yours truly :D Theres no knowing what I will write next. One minute I'm joking around... Next chapter you read could be all serious/disturbing. So get reading... This will be reguly updated so favourite this weird little book of joy and utter insane randomness! xxxx


46. What Happens When I Only Half Listen

This is an actual conversation I had with my mum... O.o


Me: What are we having for dinner today?

Mum: Pasta, Asparagus, and Sausages

*me only half listening*


Mum: What?!

Me: Were having hamster for dinner...

Mum: No, I never said that!

Me: You said hamster, asparagus, and sausages!

Mum: No I said pasta!

Me: Oh... *embaressed face*


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