Just A Random Book

This book is full of quotes, jokes, stupidity, and just plain weird/randomness. All made up by yours truly :D Theres no knowing what I will write next. One minute I'm joking around... Next chapter you read could be all serious/disturbing. So get reading... This will be reguly updated so favourite this weird little book of joy and utter insane randomness! xxxx


47. Pet Shop Transportation

What makes me laugh is the fact that pet shops pack animals in cardboard boxes for transportation. In my lifetime I have had a hamster escape during a 20 minute drive, and a ferret chew out the instant we left the carpark. My dad had to hold the ferret for 40 minutes all the way home. xD

*this is an actual picture from the moment my hamster Harryeti escaped the box and I nearly lost her in the TESCO carpark*


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