Who Would Have Known?

You've seen the movie, now its time to know the truth about Elsa and her powers!


1. The Truth

Most of you know my story. How I become the happy Queen of Airendale. Well because it's Disney, of course it has a happy ending. But in reality, this end is false. There is not happy ending. There are really no happy endings in life.

It all went wrong when I froze Anna's heart. At the castle, Hans locked her up in a room and Olaf melted while trying to save her. Anna froze. No one was able to get to her. No one knew where she was. I was kidnapped by Hans and he took me to America. I made clothes that looked like what everyone else was wearing. Hans left me here and returned to Norway, he then took over Airendale.

I roamed the streets of New York to find somewhere quiet. There was nowhere. So I settled for a park bench. I sat on the bench. I immediately started bawling. A reassuring hand touched my shoulder. I looked over. Sitting next to me was a pale, white/light blonde boy with frost on his clothes. His blue eyes resembled mine. He gave a small smirk.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

I looked down. "You wouldn't understand" I told him

"You'd be surprised" he told me. "Considering the fact you can even see me"

I looked at him weird. He stuck out his hand.

"Jack Frost." He told me." And you are?"

I took his hand and shook it.

"I'm Elsa of Airendale" I told him.

"Hmm, doesn't like your from around here, are you?"

"No I'm from Norway. In a kingdom called Airendale."

"Oh, I've been to Norway before! Wait, wasn't there just a freak snow storm there?"


"Oh, okay. So what was your life like there? Why did you leave?"

I went to open my mouth to speak when he interrupted.

"Wait! You can only leave Norway to come here is if you are a trader, which obviously, you aren't. Or unless...." He widened his eyes. "Unless your royalty"

I looked away toward the shore.

"Why did you leave? Doesn't your kingdom need you?"

I squeezed my eyes shut and faced him.

"Okay, yes, I'm the Queen of Airendale. I didn't leave I was kidnapped. My sister is dead. My kingdom taken over. Happy now? You know all about me." I got up and stormed off. A flurry of snow appeared in front of me.

Jack appeared before me. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset"

I grabbed the tip of my braid. "Did you just..."

"O crap! I'm not supposed to do that in front of mortals."

"Wait it's ok I have snow powers too."

"What? That's impossible!"

I pulled my hand out of my pocket. I opened my hand and a spiral of snow appeared and sprouted up into the air. I made beautiful shapes in the sky, before I spread it across the sky making it snow.

"Wow" was all Jack said.

"See I want joking. This is why I ran away and was kidnapped. People thought I was a Sorceress. Which I'm not. I was born with this power."

"There is somewhere I need to take you" Jack said, "This is very important."

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