Hailey is invited to a Meet & Greet. She meets new friends and stumbles upon old ones. When 4 guys fall for her, she has to pick one. Who will it be?
{Caspar Lee; O2L; Magcon Boys}


1. the beginning 😊

"Um. About a 7" she points to the guy crossing the street towards Starbucks.

Me and Ivette were waiting for the bus to take us to Caspar's hotel.

"He's not my type. But his hair is nice." I giggle.

"I can't wait for the meet and greet." She squeals.

I shrug my shoulders and stare at her until she says something.

"I feel awkward." She tells me.

I laugh causing a dimple to form.

The bus stands before us and takes us all the way to Hilton Hotels.

I lead her to 3G and take out the key.

Before I can put it in the key hole, Caspar opens the door causing me to jump.

"Hahah" we all laugh.

"Caspar!" I say and run in for a hug.

And ivette just waves.

He leads me into the living room part of the room where o2l sat.

They all greeted me. "I'm Ricky. This is Connor, Jc, Sam, Kian, And Trevor."

All the boys wave at me and I introduce me and ivette.

"Um. Are you hungry?" Caspar asks all the guys and also looks at me for an answer.

"I guess." I say and all the boys also agreed.

"Ok. Because the Magcon boys and my youtube friends are at Panera waiting for us." He informs us.

I smile at his accent. It made me remember our old life back at South Africa.

"Um. Hailey. Let's go." Ivette shoves me.

"Yeah, yeah." I tell her. I stand behind waiting for everyone to leave.

I stand there staring at Caspar and him staring at me.

It wasn't awkward. It made me feel complete knowing he is ok and all after I broke his heart.

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