Dangerously In Love (16+) [Finished]

{Warning; Explicit content, Graphic sex scenes, regular swearing} I walked down the ally way trying to be as quiet as possible but then I hear a BANG, so I run but I see someone behind me running way faster than me, the person catches up to me and grabs me and holds me with one hand on one side of my arm and the other of the other side of me but all I see is some curly hair and green eyes.


9. Together?

Sams POV

He put me down on the bed and went to the bathroom, he came back in only boxers. "Like what you see." I couldn't help but laugh. I pushed him down on the bed and went to the bathroom, I put on this silk black short night gown on, I walked out and Harry was laying down on his side with his head on his hand. I walked over to him and kissed him. He flipped me over and hovered over me, he kissed my neck down to my thighs, but I stopped him and flipped him so I was on top (playing games ;] ). I kissed his neck softly traveling down to him sexy ass abs, I put my fingers around the rim of his boxers and put my hand in his boxer I slowly started rubbing it, he moaned but he didn't like it when I took over so he flipped me and ripped of my gown along with my bra. He fingered me with two fingers, making me so wet. He looked at me and couldn't take it anymore he quickly put on a condom and fucked me so hard, I moaned like crazy and so was he, he kissed me and that was our sex for valentines day,, just a quick fuck. (tried to quickly type that part ;] )

Harrys POV

After we did it, she quickly fell asleep. I crept out of my room and into the studio, I hardly go in there. I go in a see her journal, I quickly run to the living room and called the boys "Louis can you bring the boys here?"   "Uhh sure why not see you in a hour."   This is going to be great "Okay thanks Lou"   What I found was her journal open in the studio with a song called 'Midnight Memories' and a note Ask the boys to sing :) x S.    She is going to love this!! I went upstairs and took a quick shower at threw some sweat pants,a black tee and beanie. I went out to my yard and smoked a little, I threw the fag on the ground, stepped on it and went inside. The doorbell rang, I opened it to see the boys, "HEY!" we had a quick hug and I pulled them down the studio. I talked to the boys about recording it and everything, they said its cool and they would do it. Then Louis decides to say, "But if it's good enough you wanna send it to like Simon Cowell, I heard his good and getting people famous." And of course the boys followed along. ~after recording~ We recorded it perfectly fine,I found the beat of it on her laptop, she was still sleeping so I put it the night side with a note. I went out with the boys to a pub.

Sams POV

I wake up and see a CD on the night stand with a note 'We'll send it in if you like it x H'  I took my phone and called my friend Perrie and told her to meet me at Starbucks, I grab some clothes and took a shower. Hopefully me a Perrie walk around London today :)

I Get dressed, put my hair in a high ponytail, grabbed the disc and headed down stairs. I saw a key on the counter of the kitchen and a note saying it was a house key and along with a pair of car keys (finally she got a car) YESSS! I run out and unlock my car with the button and it was a Matte Black Aventador (google it :] ) I love these cars, I ran in the car and drove to Starbucks. 

 I walk in to see Perrie and Zayn Together holding hands, when did this happen, she was my best friend.....I rushes out and went into my car, I locked the car doors put Midnight Memories in and sped to my house instead.


Sorry I said I will update it yesterday and I never did, I was sleeping all day!! Ugh I wanna make a long chapter but that's alot of work and my laptop keyboard is retarded! Anyways Zayn and Perrie, and Sam didn't know :O

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