2nd chances

Hi. I'm Lia but you can call me LI. I'm 4 and a half.My birthday is august 29,2010. I live in a orphanage.my favorite things are drawing and writing.Oh I forgot to mention,I have a big sister here to.She is 6,her name is Ashlynn.Im deaf.What happens when one day one direction and 5sos are looking for 2 girls to adopt?read and find out.
-I always read the fan fictions about deaf children and I wanted to try.Tell me how I'm doing!!��


1. the beginning

Lias POV

Today is adoption day!me and my big sister Ashlynn might get adopted!well she might.You see I'm deaf and no one wants a deaf girl.But I got ready any way.When I was done getting dressed in a tu-tu and a shirt that said'stay strong 'on the front.

"AGES 3-7COME HERE NOW!!"our mean 'mother'yelled.

Liam's POV

Me the boys and 5sos are both adopting 2 girls to show how responsible we are.We are al really excited.we pulled up to the orphanage

"We ready?oh and Simon said we need 2 3-7 year olds"

"Ok"we then got in and there was a line of girls who freaked out when we came in except for 2 cute little girls.Me and the boys went over to the two.

"Hello girls tell us about yourself"

The taller one looked at the younger one and did sign language.The other signed back

"Umm ok I'll go first,I'm Ashlynn and I'm 6.My birthday is July 7,2008 and this is my little sister Lia.Shes 4 and a half her birthday is august 29,2010 and she is deaf.If any one wants to adopt just me or her neither goes.We go together."Lia is who I want!

Ashton's POV

I want Ashlynn!

Lias POV

I like them they are nice and they looked surprised when they saw her signing to me.They got up and went to 'mum' and they went to her office I looked at Ashlynn and signed

"What if they don't want me!!!!!"I started to cry

"They will I promise sis they will who wouldn't want you?!"

"Mummy and daddy!!"she started to cry

"They didn't want both of us!!"the boys then came in and told ashlynn something.She got super happy and signed to me

"They want us!!they said they love us!!!"I looked at the boy in the plaid shirt and jumped on him I signed

"Thank you"

Ashlynn's POV

We were crying so much until the boys came back

"Go pack you and your sisters bags were adopting you!!!we love you both so much!!"I then told Lia and she jumped on Liam and signed thank you.He looked at me and I said

"She said thank you!!"I then went upstairs and grabbed Lias note pads and pack of pens to communicate.i brought it down to her

Lias POV

She brought me my communicating stuff and I started writing

"Witch one of you is my daddy?"the one with the plaid wrote down

"I am.your name is now Lia Jane Payne"

I smiled and mouthed daddy I have. Daddy!!! He smiled

Ashlynn's POV

"Who's my daddy?"the one with blondish reddish hair said

"I am"

"Tell me about yourself"

"Ok I'm Ashton irwin,my birthday is July 7,1994.im your daddy.your name is now Ashlynn faith irwin."

"That's my birthday!!!"

Lias POV

"Tell me about yourself"I wrote to daddy"

"Ok I'm Liam Payne my birthday is august 29,1993 and I'm your daddy"

"We were born on the same day!!!"

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